It’s trying to get your attention and speak to you.

Symptoms are the language of your body.

Are you willing to stop and really listen to what your body is trying to tell you….

- Is your body is asking you to nourish it deeper (on all the levels)?

- Could it be asking you to stop taking in toxins (on all the levels)?

- Might it be asking you to let go (on all the levels)?

Your health and body shape is not only a reflection of your diet and lifestyle, but also a reflection of your emotions.

If right now it feels like your body is in a holding pattern, have you considered identifying and releasing your emotional weight?

Would you be willing to turn your focus from your body to your mind?

Could you be patient with your body, accept it as it is in this moment and drop your sense of urgency about fixing it?

I don’t mean settle for less than optimal health, I mean just drop the resistance.

Would you be willing to look inside and find out what’s really wrong and going on?

Would you be willing to stop believing that it’s all physical and that the causes are all “out there”.

What if your susceptibility to the issue that you have with your body, has its roots in the metaphysical realm?

Is there something you’ve been suppressing, repressing or expressing……but not releasing?

Negative feelings are meant to be digested (get the insight), assimilated (understand the lesson) and eliminated (create a new story).

If not, these emotions stay stored in your body, causing energetic blocks that hinder the flow of your vital force and inner healing capacity.

Your metaphysical health is at least as important as your physical health.

While your body is definitely not failing you, you might be failing to listen to what it’s really trying to tell you.

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