Delish Deep Cleanse Affiliate

Step 2: Register as an affiliate

Once you have decided that this is for you, register as an affiliate and put your affiliate code at the end of every link you share.

The affiliate program: 

Step 3: E-mail your list (or anyone you think might be interested)

The promo page:  

Alternate promo page 

You can grab snippets of 'copy' from the sales page below to save time crafting your e-mail (whatever you think would resonate most with your audience) and then customize to your own voice.

Step 4: Share on social media

The promo page:  - you can simply copy & paste blurbs from the page itself when you share the link or grab "copy" from the salespage (link to salespage in step 4) or from an article below.

List of related articles that you can share with your affiliate link at the end (each article sends them to the promo page):  (copy and paste a blurb from the article itself with quotes around it and people will know to click the link to keep reading). Each article sends them to a promo page to learn more.

* The most powerful way to share this is to do so in your own words and to do the cleanse yourself and document your experience with photos or videos invite your peeps to join you with a link to learn more.