Kitchen Makeover Day

Here’s a little summary of the day…

Before the Day:
Personalized ‘Weight Loss Blocks’ Assessment with holistic nutrition protocol for your top weight loss block (this all happens by e-mail before your immersion day).

Immersion Day:
10am - 1pm Kitchen Audit
1pm - 2pm Lunch Break (Delish approved savoury pancakes). 
2pm - 5pm Grocery Store Tour
5 pm Dinner & Drinks (Delish approved charcuterie board with Kombucha cocktail).

1 follow up session via zoom to chat about any questions you have or any obstacles that may have come up since the immersion day.

Package Includes:

  1. Handouts that highlight the important stuff.
  2. Workbooks to help you implement 
  3. Custom cookbook-let with recipes relevant to your tastes.
  4. Additional curated resources.

BONUS: Delish UN-diet School e-course to support your learning journey.

Note: I will be bringing an assistant to help keep us get more done in less time, to help with food prep and to keep your kitchen spotless along the way!