Kitchen Makeover Days

Kitchen Immersion Days!

Option 1: Delish Kitchen Makeover Day In Your Home - Learn the delish 'set it and forget it' approach for stocking your kitchen, so that everything you eat is delicious and pleasurable (this is how you make your progress sustainable and your results permanent).

Kitchen Audit - We go through everything in your kitchen and eliminate anything that is not aligned with your health and weight goals. I will explain why, so that it is easy to understand and we'll discuss delicious healthy alternatives.

Pleasurable Pantry - Explore new and exciting foods so pleasurable that you wouldn't dream of going back to your old ways!

Option 2: Nutrition Assessment Day - On this day, we will explore what you need nutritionally on the individual level and then we are going to go shopping together to get the foods.

Balanced Plate for Your Ideal Shape with Fare that's Fit - Learn how to 'plate' your food, to light the fires of your metabolism and build a strong, shapely figure - no need to count calories or carbs (the right kind of exercise is encouraged yes, but completely optional).

Fill in Your Nutrition Deficiencies to Cut Cravings - Learn how to eat and supplement to restore the nutrient deficiencies that are driving your cravings, so that you can stop fighting with yourself and start naturally wanting to eat the foods that make you look and feel your best (no need for willpower).

Un-Block Your Top Weight Loss Body Systems Block - Do the Weight Loss Blocks Assessment and get a curated protocol using food as medicine to get unblocked.

Grocery Shopping Tour - We'll go to your favourite grocery store, plus any additional ones such as organic or low carb ones.

Option 3: Planning & Prep Day - This day is all about creating rhythms in your kitchen so that you never again have to stand in front of the fridge unprepared wondering what to eat!

Food Pre-Prep - Learn how to pre-prep food for easy meals.

Base Menu Plan - Create a standard plan of easy go-to meals that you don't have to think about.

Custom Menu Plan - We'll create a plan with foods specific to your current nutritional needs.

Package Includes:

  • Workbooks to help you implement.
  • Handouts that highlight the important stuff.
  • Additional curated resources.

Plus you get the following BONUSES!

BONUS #1 Delish Diet Sugar Detox -  Learn how to detox sugar from your life, how to come off a carb bender fast, and how to prevent sugar cravings in the first place! (VALUE $47)

BONUS #2 Delish Kitchen Makeover e-course - start learning before the sessions start. This course is a 'set it & forget it' approach to eating healthy without having to think much about it (this system makes it a no brainer)! (VALUE $97)

BONUS #3  Delish UN-diet School e-course - learn how to drop the ‘diet mentality’ and release the weight naturally as a side benefit of balancing your blood sugar, harmonizing your hormones and eliminating inflammation (which is a factor in most, if not all chronic dis-eases). (VALUE $197)

BONUS #4 - Food Foundation Program e-course - 8 Training Modules, plus 4 live classes on Zoom with Q & A to follow. Includes all the Delish Diet e-course. Includes a nutrition deficiency assessment with personalized recommendations to stop cravings, plus a curated healing protocol for body systems balance to remove your top block to weight loss! (VALUE $497)


Note: I will be bringing an assistant to help keep us get more done in less time, to help with food prep and to keep your kitchen spotless along the way!