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Naturally Thin People Don't "Diet" to Maintain their Weight, So Why Should YOU Have To?

You don't.

Have you ever wondered why one person eat's like a bird and exercises everyday only to gain weight and never lose any. While others seem to eat as much as they want, never exercise and don't gain a pound?

If losing weight were as simple as "eating less and moving more" then all disciplined dieters would be thin right?

Instead chronic "dieters" live on the diet rollercoaster. They lose weight temporarily, only to gain it back and even more on the rebound. They go weeks or months binging and feeling bad about themselves until they muster up the energy to get back on the rollercoaster to try yet again.

Sadly, the only thing dieting does is perpetuate more dieting.

According to statistics 95-97% of dieters fail. Why? Because diets are designed for temporary results.

They don't work long term. They backfire resulting in gaining more weight than people start with.

So if dieting doesn't work, are you wondering what does?

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