Weightless Webinar

Learn how the Weightless program can get you the support you need to drop the weight on all levels (body, mind, emotion & soul) and thrive in that next level vision you have for yourself!









This is for you if you are an entrepreneur, artist or creative (or aspiring to be).....

I get it, you are busy and you don’t have a lot of time, and yet deep inside you know that workaholism, disorganization and not prioritizing your self-care are blocks in front of your big goals.

Of course, you can't totally drop all your responsibilities and your dreams to prioritize self care, yet all attempts to create more balance in your life while juggling it all haven't worked. What you need now is to create harmony and health by diving deep in, instead of spreading yourself too thin!

What would it mean for you, to give your life a makeover so that you could finally stop worrying about your health, watching your weight, lose excess body fat without having to try hard?

How would it feel to relax into the process, knowing that your body is getting healthier, while you stay on track to living your dream life, with the kind of self care that actually gets you there faster?!

No more feeling too tired to do what you know needs to be done, no more moodiness getting in the way of your social life and work success.

It’s time now to up-level your confidence by getting out of your head and into your body (and energy body) to make your big dreams, your reality without having to exhaust yourself to get there.

You You have big goals in life and you understand that the version of yourself, that is capable of bringing your visions to life, is the version of you that is the healthiest, happiest and most attractive!

Stop letting your weight be an excuse. And stop waiting to lose the weight.

Drop the weight now - on all levels - body, mind and emotion.

In the Weightless Webinar, I will share with you how you can!

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YES! I want to use my weight loss journey as a catalyst to transform not just my body,
but my whole life, from the inside out! 

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Introducing the Weightless System

This is not your mother's "diet". We are NOT diet"ing"  or "going on" a diet, but yes we are releasing weight. Let's explore together!

  • The path of optimal health.
  • The practice of cleansing & rejuvenation (body, mind & emotions)
  • The pleasure of eating rich, sweet, creamy desserts & comfort foods
  • The passion of life without settling
  • The permanency of a sustainable path.
  • The purpose of becoming all that you are capable of.

It's about more than just what you are eating.

Diet & lifestyle are foundational yes. But if you can't seem to get yourself to eat healthy without willpower, then you have mindset and emotional blocks in the way.

If you don't address your stress at the root cause, your body will be prone to putting on fat regardless of what you eat.

Your body uses fat to protect you.

In the Weightless Webinar, we'll explore 13 Emotional Weight Loss Blocks.

A sneak peak at the Delish Diet Weightless System

Diet choices that are actually pleasur-e able because if how you have
to eat to lose weight and be healthy doesn’t taste better than how you
ate that got your fat, then it’s not sustainable (we are not relying on willpower around here).

A system that allows you to 'set it and forget it' so that you are not
thinking about food all the time, staring blankly in the fridge
wondering what to eat (learn principles for eating healthy on autopilot).

No more guilt about what you eat or shame about
your body. All the pleasure and no pain of willpower or punishing
exercise (shift your mindset).

No limits on yourself about who you can become and what you can do (use your weight loss journey as a catalyst for life transformation).

Essentially the Weightless System is a path and practice
for giving yourself, your body and your life a makeover from the
inside out!

'Set and forget' the food part - and then move on to up-leveling your life and
focus on your dreams!

What the Weightless System Is NOT

A diet in the conventional sense.

Diet “ing” doesn’t work. When you do something designed to be
temporary, so are your results. But worse dieting depletes your
nutrition stores, tanks your metabolism and tells your brain that you
are living in a famine. This causes a feasting response that you will
eventually not be able to overcome resulting in more weight gain with
a slower metabolism.


An exercise plan.

“Processed Exercise” is unnatural and can cause weight loss resistance
by triggering hormones imbalances and excess cortisol which breaks
down muscle mass and drives up fat storage hormones. You know that
person who exercises like crazy and eats like a bird and despite that,
is fat. Maybe that person is you?


Not a points or calories counting system.

Nope, we are not going to be doing that. You shouldn’t have to become
a mathematician to be able to formulate a meal. It doesn't make any
sense to do something that naturally thin people DON'T DO at all -
while expecting to get the same results they have!


 The Delish Diet Weightless System is a complete system for giving your life a makeover!


Get on top of your health, weight, your life and your future at the same time.

It’s built on a 'set it and forget it' process for food and lifestyle that sustains permanent results, while creating an upward spiral in your life on autopilot with rythms and rituals for self care personal growth and consciously creating your reality.

It’s powered by life affirming principles that support you to love your body and your life in the process of your transformation - no more putting your happiness health, well-being and dreams in the future.

It’s time to embody health, beauty and your dream days now!


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YES! I want to use my weight loss journey as a catalyst to transform not just my body, but my whole life, from the inside out! 

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How would it effect your work, your relationships and your sex life if you were to embody being your most beautiful & empowered self inside & out?

Besides being an entrepreneur, artist, creative (or aspiring to be).....if you are currently in any of the following circumstances or situations in life, then this is webinar is also perfect for you:

  • you are at a crossroads or a turning point and you are ready to use your weight loss journey as a catalyst for life transformation (you know in your heart that now is the right time to give yourself  a body, mind, heart and soul makeover).
  • you are single and desire a partner - you are ready to elevate yourself with the intent to become the version of yourself that you need to be, to attract your ideal mate!
  • you are single and/or an empty nester and you are ready to create that next level new version of your yourself in this next phase of your life!

If you are in a partnership to get the value from what you learn, you must be in a supportive relationship where your partner wants to grow in health consciousness together - otherwise that person will just nip at your heels and drag you down.
* If you are not with a present, connected and supportive partner right now, you might want to ask yourself why you are with a person who doesn't want to 'see you', feel you or support you to reach your potential. Why are you settling? Are you under a spell? I recommend getting relationship counseling to heal your relationship, and if the person you are with is not on board for that, then you can use the support of a counsellor to leave the relationship with as much consciousness and compassion as possible. This life is yours. To claim your life force back, you have to stop giving it away to people who don't value or appreciate you for who you really are. Your ideal partner is one who is growing with you and not only wants to see you reach your potential, but also wants to support you to get there! Your ideal partner is also someone that you feel the same way about. You intrinsically want to support them and see them reach their potential. If not, then the most loving thing to do is let them go so that they can find someone who does. Tell yourself the truth about why you are staying and either way, whether you heal the relationship or leave, you get to set yourself free! Here is my recommendation for a spiritually based counselor who can help.

If you are a stay at home mom, you too can get value here as you learn how to create harmony in your health, home and heart aligned ways without sacrificing yourself!!

How would it feel to be able to feed yourself and your family in a way that optimizes their health and well-being, while preventing dis-ease too? You don't need to meet everyone's needs. You can get their needs met without sacrificing your 'self'. What difference would it make for your children's future if you exemplified how to overcome adversity and use it as a catalyst to thrive and up-level your life in the process? It’s time now to close the chapter on experiencing overwhelm,  and let go of food guilt and feeling shame about how your body looks.

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