Revamp Your Kitchen - Diet & Lifestyle Makeover Package

Does this sound familiar?

  • Sick of "watching your weight" and fussing about food?
  • Tired of your weight 'yo yo' ing and want off the diet rollercoaster?
  • Can't get yourself to "diet" anyway (not into counting calories and not into gyms either).
  • Done with eating crap that makes you feel sick and fat after?
  • Worried about gaining more weight and feeling worse than you already do about how your body looks and feels?

What difference would it make in your life, if instead, this was your reality?

  • Forget about your weight and refocus that energy toward the more important things in life?
  • Always have the right foods on hand and never wonder what to eat again?
  • Lose weight naturally without having to "diet"?
  • Eat healthy foods that are delicious, pleasurable and more comforting without gaining weight.
  • Permanently maintain a natural healthy weight without having to think about it?
  • Love how you look and how you feel in your body?
  • Never worry about your weight again?

The answer to having all that is...

  • nutrition wisdom, so that you understand why you are doing what you are doing
  • body systems knowledge, so that you trust your body to do "its" thing" in it's own timing
  • paradigm shift that compels you to want to eat healthy and take the best care of yourself
  • kitchen makeover so that nothing tempts you and you know exactly what to eat and have everything you need on hand

The problem is that "dieting" by design has set you up to fail. 

  • Diets are designed for quick results (but the side effect is nutrition deficiency and more weight gain than you started with).
  • They rely on will power, instead of changing your environment to support permanent results.
  • Diets don't address the underlying body system imbalances that make your body want to store fat.
  • They don't address the true deeper reasons or root causes of being overweight (things that are as unique as each individual is) .
  • There is no one size fits all approach to weight loss, each person's journey is different.
  • Dieting does only one thing, it perpetuates the need for more dieting.

What you need is to do something different.

  • "Dieting" is not what naturally thin people do to maintain a healthy weight. It doesn't make any sense to do something that naturally thin people DON'T DO at all - while expecting to get the same results they have.
  • You must rebalance your body systems to eliminate any health blocks that are causing your body to need to hold on to fat.
  • You absolutely must change your mindset, paradigm and your surroundings to eliminate the need for willpower and finally be set up for permanent results.
  • Sustainable weight loss that is permanent is the result of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle forever, not by temporarily "going on a diet".
  • You need to learn how your body works and understand the physiology of what triggers your body to store fat (and we are talking about more than food, but lifestyle factors that you don't currently know about.

The trouble is that you don't have time to do the research to figure this out all by yourself and there are not a lot of resources out there that help you learn quickly in a cohesive way. 

Don't be intimidated by the word physiology, it's not hard to learn. I teach it in an intuitive way connected to implementation. That way it makes more sense and it is easier to understand and remember when it is applied to you and your unique situation!

Instead of trying to do this on your own, learn only what is specific to you as a unique individual and get the hands on help you need to implement (that's where the deep learning happens and how the results are created)!

Most people are not prioritizing self care because they are already overwhelmed with their life and even the best recommendations simply just add to an already too long to do list. 

And that's why I created the Revamp Your Kitchen - Diet & Lifestyle Makeover Package.

It's for you if you want more than just coaching/consulting, you want help to actually do the work!

I know how much energy it takes to learn new skills in the kitchen - especially when you are new at things

This 6 Week Diet & Lifestyle Makeover package includes a Kitchen Audit and Grocery Shopping store tour. That means I both help you eliminate what needs to go in your kitchen, and I help you fill your fridge with the right foods - customized to your tastes.

I will get in the kitchen with you to make it all happen! This custom package gets you completely set up for success to release the weight permanently. The follow up sessions flow based on what you need - whether it's me showing you something new in the kitchen or you prefer a zoom session to strategize solutions to challenges and obstacles.

Includes unlimited text support in between sessions, so that you can get your questions answered when you need those answers the most! 


1. Set the foundation for sustainable weight loss, so that you are set up to achieve permanent results (with your weight and your health).
2. Know exactly what to eat to achieve optimal health (and therefore your natural ideal weight) - unique to your situation (step by step).
3. Adopt a natural diet and lifestyle and achieve a much higher level of health while releasing weight (without counting a single calorie).
4. Become more organized in the kitchen and adopt new kitchen skills - know exactly what to eat and how to make it.
4. Explore new foods and expand your palette pleasure with delicious and nutritious foods (your new way of eating will be more pleasure-able than your old way, so it will be easy to make permanent changes for permanent results)!


  • Weight Loss Body Blocks Guidebook (VALUE $27)
  • Revamp Your Kitchen e-course (VALUE $97)
  • Delish Diet Masterclass e-course (VALUE $197)

Total Value of BONUSES $321

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