Private Customized Holistic Nutrition Package

This 3 month package is designed to overcome your main health concerns. It includes 8 sessions. This is not just me showing up for you to offer advice as we go. It includes many hours of custom-designed templates and resources designed for you, in between the sessions. It includes a full holistic nutrition assessment, a holistic nutrition protocol, and a step-by-step personalized plan to overcome your top 3 main health concerns.

Here is how the package works....

Session 1: Health History

Here is how the initial session flows (please allow up to 2 hours for this session - how long this takes depends on the complexity of your situation):

  • We have the first session to discuss your unique situation.
  • After the session, I will provide you with initial recommendations for your main concern, plus relevant resources.
  • Next, I will send you 3 more assessment questionnaires to explore your diet in deeper detail and to identify potential nutrient deficiencies.
* In between sessions, based on the information that I have received from your questionnaires (symptomatology & nutrient deficiency symptoms), I will put together a protocol for you (this will be done on a google doc that we will share to co-create your plan and track your progress).
Session 2: The Protocol

Here is how the session flows:

  • The session begins with a discussion about the progress you are making so far with the previous recommendations (to make sure that everything feels inspiring and doable for you).
  • Next, we'll expand the protocol into a personalized step-by-step plan.
  • After this session, I will send you a lifestyle questionnaire to assist me in creating your step-by-step plan.
* In between sessions, I will update your protocol with anything I have uncovered from our discussion and your lifestyle assessment. I will also write your plan in step-by-stepfashion.
Session 3: The Step-by-Step  Lifestyle Plan

Here is how the session flows:

  • The session begins with a discussion about the progress you are making so far with the previous recommendations and make adjustments where necessary.
  • Next, we'll discuss the lifestyle plan I have created for you to ensure that everything feels inspiring and doable for you.
*In between sessions, with your permission, I will do an energy work session to support your body to open to recieve healing.
Session 4: Creating Your Custom Menu Plan (VIRTUAL Session)

Here is how the session flows:

  • In this VIRTUAL session, you will fill out a questionnaire designed to help me create a 1 week menu plan for you to follow that meets your unique nutritional needs.
  • You will be responded to directly on the form.
  • Personalized video, audio, and other resources will be added where appropriate
* In between this session, I will customize a 1 week menu plan that you will repeat for 4 consecutive weeks to restore optimal levels of nutrients to your body (if there are any recipes that you don't love, I will switch in new ones for you to make sure the plan is pleasurable and delights you).
Session 5: Optimal Health Plan

Here is how the session flows:

  • In this session, we will discuss how you can create body systems balance moving forward into the future to increase your health and beauty as you age.
* In between sessions, I will outline an optimal health plan for the future that addresses every organ and body system that is out of balance, so that you can move forward into even higher levels of health.
Session 6: Overcoming Obstacles

Here is how the session flows:

In this  session, we'll identify any challenges that have come up for you and discuss solutions.

*In between sessions, I will design your overcoming obstacles plan with personalized solutions to address and overcome any blocks in the way.
Session 7: Metaphysical Cause

Here is how the session flows:

  • Before this session, you will receive a form that will ask you questions to get to the metaphysical root cause of any 'sticky' symptoms you might be experiencing.
  • In the session, we will do mindset and energy work to overcome any lingering metaphysical blocks in the way.
*In between sessions, I will read your responses and provide you with an inner work plan moving forward.
Session 8: Integration Session (LIVE SESSION)

Here is how the session flows:

  • Before the session, you will receive a form that asks you questions to highlight your progress and identify your results thus far.
  • We'll determine where you are at currently with the plan and explore what you need next.
After your final session, if you decide that you would like ongoing support, you can book 1 off sessions on an as-needed basis or buy a 4 session virtual coaching package for follow-ups.

This package includes 5 e-courses (VALUE $1485): Delish Sugar Detox, Kitchen Makeover, Food Foundation, the Delish UN-diet School and the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse

Here is how to get started.....

Step 1: Make your payment.
Step 2: Book your first session here on my online calendar.
Step 3: I will send you the initial assessment forms via e-mail and the links to the e-courses to get started at your own pace! * to get the most value out of this package and experience, you must be willing to take the time to learn outside of the sessions and do the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse.

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