Delish Diet Masterclass

Learn the 12 key secrets to losing the weight step by step and determine your particular point on the journey so that you know exactly what to do next! If you are ready to finally stop 'dieting' and actually transform your lifestyle permanently, this masterclass will be a game changer!

$97.00 (+ 5% GST)

Delish Diet Deep Cleanse

The Delish Diet Deep Cleanse is perfect for you if you are looking to kick start your path to permanent weight loss and quickly drop those first or last 15lbs!

$397.00 (+ 5% GST)
$197.00 (+ 5% GST)

Delish Diet Immersion

How to do the Delish Diet, straight to the point and no-frills. This is for you if you just want to know what to eat, what not to and you'll do it, no questions asked. You are going to learn everything you need to know diet-wise to get started right away. Later when you are ready, you can upgrade to the Delish Diet Un-School and go deeper : )

$697.00 (+ 5% GST)

Sugar Free Holiday Cookbook

Whether you want to avoid sugar this Christmas to prevent gaining weight, feeling gross or simply to keep your kids from bouncing off the walls, healthy and flu-free through the holidays - you'll love these sugar free holiday classics from my kitchen to yours!

$15.74 (including 5% GST)