Why Obesity is A Symptom of Disease - not the cause.

I believe this to be true.

Six years ago when I was an obese nutritionist, I had every reason to want to be in denial about this....after all I was expected to be an example of good health.

I could have tried to justify how I could be obese and healthy at the same time because I lived a natural lifestyle and ate a whole foods diet.

I spent a year in victim mode and in futility.

Thank god I was willing to admit that my hypoglycemia wasn't just a little thing.

It took getting "big" for me to acknowledge that despite my healthy whole foods diet I was slipping on the slope of insulin resistance.

5, 10, 20 years down the road, full-blown diabetes could have been in my future.

Being fat isn't what creates poor health.
it's poor health that makes you fat. People generally don't like it when I say that because no one wants to be told that they are unhealthy. But let's look at it from a different angle. Being healthy comes with benefits. Excess weight is not exactly a side benefit of being healthy. So it must be a symptom of less than perfect health.
You may not have been diagnosed with a dis-ease, but you certainly haven't yet achieved an optimal level of health. Dis-ease happens on a spectrum. We are not perfectly healthy one day and then 'poof' the next day a disease drops out of the sky and befalls us. Health declines over time, rarely overnight ....unless some stress or trauma initiates that.
As health declines, we have annoying less serious symptoms and weight gain is one of them. Permanent weight loss is a side benefit of getting healthy. You have to put your health first if you are ever to make your struggle with weight a thing of the past. That means you have to focus your attention on your health gains as a sign that you are making progress, even when the scale doesn't move and simply just be grateful that you are moving towards a higher level of health.
If you want to speed your weight loss, you may have to adopt a more restrictive therapeutic diet for a time, go on a cleanse or even 'fast' to speed your healing.
While you might have come to the Delish Diet just to lose the weight, you get to get your health back in the process.....if you stay the course.
Your body prioritizes the timing and speed of your healing and subsequent weight loss. If you want a quick fix the Delish Diet isn't it. There are a ton of quick fixes out there. Go and get them if you want, but your past experience and even statistics prove that your results won't last, so why even bother?
Those quick fixes are by design for short term results. The Delish Diet is designed for permanent results by increasing your health as the means to get there.


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