Losing weight is simple, it's the causes that are complex.

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If you don’t plan to do your current strategy for weight loss forever, then why bother?

As soon as you quit working that strategy, it quits working for you.

There is only one core strategy you need.

Go back to eating your natural human diet.

It is as simple as that.

If you can’t do that - you have educational, environmental, emotional, hormonal, mindset, relational and addiction issues in the way.

Stop ‘dieting’ and deal with the root causes.

Being overweight is NOT...

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Why you should ask a wild animal how to lose weight.

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Unlike fad diets, the Delish Diet is actually designed for permanent weight loss.

You want your results with weight loss to last forever right? Then it’s simply logical that you are going to have to keep doing what you did to lose the weight, to keep it off.

This is where the Delish Diet approach is like no other. 

Just think of all the diets you’ve done in the past. You didn’t really think you were going to eat and exercise like ‘that’ forever did...

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If you can’t lose weight your body is deficient in nutrition, toxic, inflamed & otherwise out of balance.

before and after.jpgI know how frustrating it is to feel like you are doing everything right and yet you can't lose weight.

7 years ago I went from being a slightly overweight nutritionist who had settled for the after baby weight to becoming obese in less than 2 months on a healthy whole foods primarily vegetarian diet.

A healthy person eating a healthy diet stays slim without counting calories or exercising. You know that right? So obviously eating less and moving more isn't the answer (your naturally skinny...

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Can you really lose 5 lbs in 3 days?

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Yes, you absolutely can, but that doesn't mean you will.
Here are some of the reasons you won't...
1) You don't actually do the meal plan at all (it sits on your computer unused... and maybe even unopened!)
2) You start the plan when you are premenstrual or bleeding (worst time to look at the scale because you will be retaining water)
3) You are constipated (there is no way your liver is going to let you break down your fat stores until you are 'going' regularly)
4) Your...

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Why Obesity is A Symptom of Disease - not the cause.

I believe this to be true.

Six years ago when I was an obese nutritionist, I had every reason to want to be in denial about this....after all I was expected to be an example of good health.

I could have tried to justify how I could be obese and healthy at the same time because I lived a natural lifestyle and ate a whole foods diet.

I spent a year in victim mode and in futility.

Thank god I was willing to admit that my hypoglycemia wasn't just a little thing.

It took getting "big" for me...

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How Do You Carry Yourself?


Attractiveness is not about the shape or weight of your body, it is related to how you feel - not to how you imagine others feel about you.

So how are you carrying yourself?

You can choose to stay frumpy wearing clothes that make you look fatter than you actually are to hide your bloated belly, the spare tire or muffin top - clothes that you’ve settled for and don’t love.


You can accept your body the way it is right now and start dressing it the way you want to feel....

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Keep your Curves & Be a Hot Granny!

 I have such fond memories as a young child of my grandma.

She was such a beauty.

She had long black hair with one thick band of contrasting grey and soft blue mysterious eyes.

All day she wore her hair in a bun.

At night she would let down that gorgeous mane and I would beg her to let me brush it.

I was obsessed with long hair.

And then one day it happened.

Her daughters convinced her that she was too old for long hair.

And so she had it cut, dyed and permed into what I thought was...

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