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This is for you if you want to stop worrying about your weight and un-learn the diet mentality.

The first step is to stop “watching your weight” and learn how to eat in a balanced way that harmonizes your hormones.

Permanent weight loss is NOT the result of dieting, it’s a natural good side effect of optimal health.

All weight loss with “dieting” is temporary and destroys your metabolism.

The only permanent result you get with “dieting” is more ‘future weight gain’, along with a plethora of nutrit…

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Questions worth asking before you "go on another diet".

grad photo
I used to think that the only way to lose weight was to go on a diet and commit myself to lifetime of salad! I believed that to attain and more importantly maintain my ideal weight, that I would have to starve myself (like I did in my grad photo attached).

A few years later, I found myself sick with mono and had to do a complete revamp of my kitchen to exclusively natural whole foods. My system had become so weakened, that I couldn't even eat a drop of sugar or a cup of coffee - without crashing…

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Being overweight is NOT the cause of your problems, it is an EFFECT of them

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If you can't lose weight, you are probably focused on your fat, which leads to a whole bunch of inner talk that commands your body to stay fat (your body follows your mind).

Conventional diets based on eating less and moving more are designed for short term results. In the long term they deprive you of nutrition and slow down your metabolism.

If you don…

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Time Starved in the Kitchen (it's really an issue of energy)

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I think it's fair to say that most of us feel like we are short on time - and at the same time, we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

What differentiates us, is our personal responsibilities and priorities.

To get at the root of this time problem, we have to go beyond "time management" to overcome the feeling of being time starved - and instead do the deeper work of dropping what drains our energy and gets in the way of our basic need for nutrition and self care.

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The downside of quick weight loss.


Everyone wants to lose weight fast because quick results gives us the motivation to keep going, right?!! That's all well and good and everything, but there are at least 4 downsides to fast weight loss.

Here's why fast weight loss is not a great idea:

  1. Most people's experience with fast weight loss, is ONLY based on excessive exercise and being in a calorie deficit - just eating 'whatever'. These 'whatever' foods can wreak havoc on hormones.

  2. The approach is not based in nutrient dense WHOLE f…

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You haven't been able to lose weight before, so why would THIS be any different?

bench penctciton look out

I totally get it. 

I once thought that I was already doing everything right and it didn't work.

I also was not about to count calories or live at the gym, because honestly there are more interesting and enjoyable ways to spend my life.

I mean if it took doing THAT to maintain a normal weight, well then I would have rather been fat.

But here's the thing. 

I wasn't doing everything right - despite having been a health nut since I was 20 years old, even though I worked in the natural health fi…

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When Being Skinny is Not A Big Motivator


What do you focus on when you know you need to lose weight, but ‘being skinny’ is not a big motivator?

We help women lose weight without dieting, by putting their health first.

No counting calories or macros, no deprivation, bars, shakes or diet pills - and without giving up the rich, sweet creamy comfort foods they love - exercise is optional.

Might sound too good to be true, but this IS how it works.

If you HAD to do all ‘the things’ normally associated with losing weight to lose weight, y…

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What WE do & what YOU do to lose weight.



We help people let go of the weight without dieting or giving up the rich, sweet creamy comfort foods they love.

While that sounds like the antithesis to weight loss, it’s not.

The truth is, virtually any food one desires can be made in a way that supports their intention to improve their health and lose weight simultaneously.

It all begins with simply converting crappy ingredients into their natural whole food counterparts.

We help you lose weight without dieting by putting opt…

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How to create your own "diet"


The problem with 'diets'. besides the fact that they are designed for temporary results, is that they are:

  1. one size fits all
  2. they don't address the root causes of being overweight in the first place 
  3. they lead to rebound weight gain (most often, more weight than you started the diet with)

Yes, you want to lose weight permanently, but you think you have to deprive yourself of delicious food and push yourself to exercise - and neither of those things is really that inspiring. You think to …

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