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When I was a teenager, I used to literally joke saying food was the devil. But actually, I meant it because it felt like food was ruining my life.
One of my weekend rituals - before starting yet another diet on Monday - was to buy a bacon double cheeseburger and fries at Mc Donalds, plus a chocolate bar, chips and a Mc Cain cake from 7 Eleven for dessert.

All just so that I could get my 'fill' before Monday - after which I would starve myself and do aerobics (think back to the days o…

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Eating too much is NOT the cause of being overweight.


Eating too much is NOT the cause of being overweight.

It’s a symptom of it. You are overweight because you are deficient in nutrition or emotionally weighed down in some way.

If you eat too much, it’s actually because you are starving.

You are starving for the deep nutrition that has been displaced by processed and refined foods and/ or you are depleted by stress.

Instead of your cells being filled with nourishment, they are hungry, craving and in protection mode (because of toxins that tag along)…

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5 downsides of quick weight loss (why cleansing is a better alternative)


Everyone wants to lose weight fast because quick results gives us the motivation to keep going, right?!! But is it worth it? There are at least 5 downsides to fast weight loss (done through counting calories, deprivation and cardio):

  1.  Most people's experience with fast weight loss, is ONLY based on excessive exercise and being in a calorie deficit - just eating 'whatever' because they believe that 'a calorie is a calorie' and that it makes no difference what the food is that is chosen. These …

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Planning to see a nutritionist about your weight? WAIT!

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If someone gives you a weight loss plan based on nothing more than calorie restriction and exercise - you should run the other way!

Ask yourself this - what self respecting nutritionist would knowingly perpetuate nutrient deficiencies and the health imbalances that make weight loss next to impossible in the first place?

"Dieting" is NOT a solution for weight loss!

It’s a temporary quick fix that makes your nutritionist look good at first, but then you are both left frustrated …

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Why "diets" don't work long term.

diets don't work

I get it, you might be feeling dread about another "diet" (the 'delish' approach is not a "diet" in the conventional sense). 

When statistics show that 95%-97% dieters fail why even bother? 

That's a good question and I hear you.

Diets don't work for anyone (other than for the dieting industry because they perpetuate the very problem they profess to solve).

Here's why?

  1. They are by design for short term results (you weren't planning to live the rest of your life at the gym or starving your…

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The 3 diet formulas "they" insist you follow, that are doomed to fail.

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At the ripe old age of 36 I almost decided to settle on being obese for the rest of my life.

Why? Because I was sure that I was already doing everything right.

I thought if a health nut with two holistic nutrition certifications, who had been eating a natural whole foods lacto-veg diet since she was 20 years old could end up obese, well then there was no hope in hell for anyone.

I fell into victim mode, then futility and finally almost settled for staying overweight.

When I looked around me,…

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Diet books I actually recommend.

weight loss books

There are very few diet books that I can recommend because few are based in wisdom or the natural diet of the human species.

The knowledge you need is out there, but you need to learn from people who put your health first.

Here are my top 5 favourite books that will get you pointed in the right direction so that you can create your own weight loss plan based on the hormonal basis of obesity and weight loss physiology.

1. The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel

2. The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailo…

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Is your weight set point an issue?

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Your body weight set point refers to a specifc level of body fat that your body automatically works to maintain regardless of the quantity of calories you consume or 'try' to burn off via exercise.

This set point is why it's hard to lose weight. It's because the rest of your body's physiological functions are set to match that weight. When you lose weight, your whole body has to adjust and it takes time and consistent effort to change your body's homeostasis.

Do you know how to mov…

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