emotional weight


Emotional eating is perfectly natural since it begins at the breast.

When you eat in connection with others, the love hormone oxytocin is released.

Not to mention, food is made of chemicals and those chemicals (nutrients, enzymes etc.) are the building blocks and co-enzymes for your “feel-good neurotransmitters”.

Since food is sooooooo highly intertwined with our feelings, we go to food when we can’t get the connection.

That’s why when you are in a funk or have low energy, …

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Blissfully Binging


Willpower is not something I focus on at all when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss.


Because suppressed and repressed desires and emotions and a lack of pleasure and love are the cause of emotional eating in the first place.

Any attempt to exercise willpower only makes things worse, because willpower IS suppression.

My approach to emotional eating is to first stop taking on the identity of being an emotional eater and to then stop “trying” not to be one.

Instead meet yourself where …

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Eating too much is NOT the cause of being overweight.


Eating too much is NOT the cause of being overweight.

It’s a symptom of it. You are overweight because you are deficient in nutrition or emotionally weighed down in some way.

If you eat too much, it’s actually because you are starving.

You are starving for the deep nutrition that has been displaced by processed and refined foods and/ or you are depleted by stress.

Instead of your cells being filled with nourishment, they are hungry, craving and in protection mode (because of toxins that tag along)…

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