Weight Loss Physiology

What does it mean about WHERE you store your body fat?


Did you know that just by looking at a how your body distributes fat, we have a clue for finding the root cause of your weight gain or inability to lose weight? It's true.

Your body has very specific reasons for storing fat in the way that it does and it has a message for you about your health.

What do you see?
- love handles & muffin top = excess insulin
- big belly thin legs = insulin resistance + cortisol issues
- big butt/thighs/hips = low progesterone and/or high estrogen levels
- flabby arms + …

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"I don't understand why I can't lose weight when I eat like a bird and exercise like crazy!"

The reason why this happens is because the body is programmed to interpret eating less food and excessive exercise as stress, and this turns on 'famine programs'.

Never Underestimate the Impact of Stress!

Your Primal Animal Brain only knows two kinds of survival stress:

1. Acute Stress - the kind of stress that's happening right now and it's life or death eg: war or being chased by a tiger (in this case, you…

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Why it's not as simple as less calories going in and more going out.


Many people still believe that losing weight is as simple as "just eat less and move more".

They believe that the law of thermodynamics applied to weight loss is a fact, but in actuality, it's an oversimplified theory that only works to a point. It results in quick but temporary weight loss (unless of course you chronically starve yourself to the bone - which obviously comes with a lot of health problems).

Most people won't starve themselves though. In the vast majority of people, dieting triggers…

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Root Cause Weight Loss

Weight Loss Blocks Image

There is a reason why a 'one size fits all' diet, calorie counting, and exercise don't work for permanent weight loss. I created this blog compilation, so that you can discover why the answer to your weight woes, is to first stop focusing on your weight and instead put your health first.

Right now your body is holding on to fat for a reason. And that's to get your attention. Your body speaks to you through symptoms. Your extra body fat is not the cause of you being overweight, it's a symptom.

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