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Want to join a movement to help people lose weight without dieting?

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Want to join a movement to help people lose weight without dieting?

The general public still think they need to count calories, cut portion sizes, avoid fat and exercise hard to burn calories.

Basically they are doing everything that doesn’t work over and over -  only to get temporary or zero results.

What’s worse is that they end up gaining more extra rebound weight than they initially started with.

Why? Because ‘dieting’ in the...

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My epiphany that birthed the Delish Diet Certification course.

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I recently had a major breakthrough. I had really been struggling in my business on an energetic level which led to financial windfalls and then nothing for months after because I would literally crash after each and every launch - being totally drained from the amount of energy it took to run them.

It is no wonder though how commonly this happens to sole proprietors. Marketers who work for corporations actually get paid for that kind of work, but solo entrepreneurs do everything it...

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Want to specialize in weight loss?

Have you noticed that a lot of your clients state weight loss as a health goal?

Even before I specialized in weight loss (my back-round is in prenatal and gut health), the majority of my clients stated that weight loss was one of their goals in working together. 

That was easy for me to help them with because gut healing diets heal the liver and the gut leading to the release of weight.

Even my clients who hadn't mentioned that they wanted to lose weight were always pleasantly...

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