Become Certified

Here's how else you can make $ as a student.


Wondering how else you can start making money right away, so that you can earn while you learn?

With most certifications you have to wait until you are certified until you can start working with clients. This means that you have months or years without income returned on your investment. 

That is not the case when you become a Delish Diet Certified Practitioner.

Not to mention, without clinical experience, most nutritionists lack confidence because they didn't get any experience.

Education p…

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Get Paid While You Gain Clinical Experience


In the Delish Diet Certification program, we've come up with a way to help you earn while you learn without having to go get your own clients.

We are building an online student clinic! 

This plan makes me so happy, because it means that you can gain experience, be compensated for your time - and people who couldn't normally afford personalized help can get it, yay!

But you may be wondering, is it ethical for me to be paid to work with clients before I am officially certified?

I get that it m…

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The Benefits of Being Part of A Team


Can we help each other make a generous living working less & having way more fun?

A lot of people decide to become nutritionists, but very few actually end up practicing. Why?

Because it is simply too overwhelming to have to put in that 10, 000 hours that make you an expert, while also running a practice, learning how to run a business, have to create systems and resources to help clients be successful - all the while needing to generate marketing systems and content to boot.

It's like taking…

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Pay Per Performance


Can you make money immediately as a Delish Diet Certified Practitioner?

Yes, you can invest in your own success by working as a team to grow the Delish Diet platform, so that together we can liberate the world from the diet mentality!

We can do more together than we can alone!

But right now you might secretly feel some or all of the following:

1. Worried that you won’t be able to make good on your investment.

2. Wonder if you really have what it takes to run a successful weight loss business th…

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Earn while you learn.

Most people enjoy the learning process when getting certified in a modality, but they feel lost when it comes to putting what they’ve learned into practice, starting a business and actually making a living with their knowledge.

The problem with certifications is that they are expensive with no path to employment.

Certifying bodies should offer more than just education.

They should offer:

1. Applied knowledge
2. A practice path.
3. A ‘busine…

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Stuck with your own weight as a health practitioner?


Most clients state that one of their goals is to lose weight, but are you confident that you can help them with that?

Do you often find yourself struggling with clients whose weight won't budge, even though they are eating healthy and exercising?

Or maybe you are even be struggling with your own weight - which feels completely out of alignment with being an example for others.

I've certainly been in that boat myself.

In fact I actually crossed the threshold from overweight to becoming clini…

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Fancy yourself 'above' weight loss?

beautiful landscape with Sherry
Some holistic nutritionists and health coaches I speak to are interested in weight loss physiology for personal and professional reasons, but choose not to enter the niche to avoid disapproval from their peers.

They think that they will be perceived as shallow and lumped in with all the fad diet experts who design temporary plans based on the calorie theory of weight loss. 

It's true, specializing in weight loss can be shallow, but that doesn't mean that you should throw the baby out wit…

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Want to join a movement to help people lose weight without dieting?

I'm calling you

Want to join a movement to help people lose weight without dieting?

The general public still think they need to count calories, cut portion sizes, avoid fat and exercise hard to burn calories.

Basically they are doing everything that doesn’t work over and over -  only to get temporary or zero results.

What’s worse is that they end up gaining more extra rebound weight than they initially started with.

Why? Because ‘dieting’ in the conventional sense only serves to …

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My epiphany that birthed the Delish Diet Certification course.

photo epiphany

I recently had a major breakthrough. I had really been struggling in my business on an energetic level which led to financial windfalls and then nothing for months after because I would literally crash after each and every launch - being totally drained from the amount of energy it took to run them.

It is no wonder though how commonly this happens to sole proprietors. Marketers who work for corporations actually get paid for that kind of work, but solo entrepreneurs do everything it takes to ru…

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Want to specialize in weight loss?

Have you noticed that a lot of your clients state weight loss as a health goal?

Even before I specialized in weight loss (my back-round is in prenatal and gut health), the majority of my clients stated that weight loss was one of their goals in working together. 

That was easy for me to help them with because gut healing diets heal the liver and the gut leading to the release of weight.

Even my clients who hadn't mentioned that they wanted to lose weight were always pleasantly surpris…

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