Can you really lose 5 lbs in 3 days?

deep woman
Yes, you absolutely can, but that doesn't mean you will.
Here are some of the reasons you won't...
1) You don't actually do the meal plan at all (it sits on your computer unused... and maybe even unopened!)
2) You start the plan when you are premenstrual or bleeding (worst time to look at the scale because you will be retaining water)
3) You are constipated (there is no way your liver is going to let you break down your fat stores until you are 'going' regularly)
4) Your metabolism is damaged from years of dieting and it is going to take longer than 3 days to jump start your path to permanent weight loss.
5) You have an underlying health imbalance that makes weight loss difficult and so you have to focus on your health first.
But if you've just been eating a lot of crap and don't have any underlying health issues, the FREE 3-day men plan below is guaranteed to kick start your weight loss just like it did for this woman who wrote in to say...
" Hi Sherry. I did the 3 day cleanse and lost 5lbs on the nose! I went from 137- 132. I love it, I feel lighter and I don't feel heavy and bloated anymore....I am moving on to the 21 day cleanse."
You see, she gave it a try, got results and it has inspired her to keep going!
But what if you have health issues like blood sugar imbalance, estrogen dominance, digestive discomforts, food sensitivities, anxiety or burn-out?
If you DO have the aforementioned health issues, let's be honest, you are going to need more than 3 days of cleansing to get the handle on your health that will give you the momentum you need to keep going (but heh, you can still lose 5lbs in 3 days of water weight due to inflammation)!
Anyway, you slice it, whether you begin with 3 days of cleansing or join the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse program and go the full 21 days.... you are going to feel oh so much better when the bloat of water weight is gone.
When you have health imbalances underlying your stubborn weight, you need a hell of a lot more than what the 'eat less and move more' approach offers (that is only a short term strategy to weight loss that actually backfires and makes you worse off than when you started).
And that is why I created the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse. It is to address the underlying health imbalances that cause stubborn weight gain at the level of root cause - making permanent weight loss next to impossible.
If you haven't yet watched the FREE training '13 Ways Cleansing Can Support You on the Path to Permanent Weight Loss' you need to.
It will show you why cleansing truly is what has been missing on your path to permanent weight loss, and why it is the secret key for getting your health and metabolism back on track!


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