The only healthy way to lose 15lbs in 3 weeks

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Cleansing is the only way to get quick results with weight loss while getting healthier than you’ve ever been - in contrast to dieting and calorie restriction which just depletes your nutrition and screws up your hormones - thus making it harder and harder to lose weight. 

In fact with dieting and calorie restriction, you not only gain the weight back - but more often than not, you gain back more than you started with because reducing calories for prolonged periods of time, reduces your metabolism - causing you to gain more weight than you started with - on even fewer calories!

Cleansing on the other had 'reboots' your metabolism provides the deep nourishment your body has been craving, balances your blood sugar and helps your liver detoxify so that you can finally let go of the stubborn weight once and for all.

Cleansing helps you attain a lower level weight set point.

You see your body has a reason for holding on to a certain amount of fat - your fat cells store toxins to protect from them being stored in your vital organs (yip, your fat is full of toxins). Until your liver is well-nourished enough to handle the toxins that will be released along with your fat, your body will not respond to your efforts to lose weight.

Cleansing eliminates your obstacles to weight loss.

In addition to your liver being too overburdened to handle losing weight, there are the other health issues that make it difficult to lose weight. The Delish Diet Deep Cleanse isn't only a cleansing diet for weight loss, but a healing diet too.

As we move through the cycle of the year, we have the opportunity to deeply nourish and cleanse each body system into greater health in their prospective power time of year.

This is called seasonal rejuvenation and it is an important ingredient in maintaining your results permanently

Here is what the year looks like at a glance….
Winter - Kidney, Bladder & Adrenal
Spring - Liver & Gallbladder
Early Summer - Heart & Small Intestine
Late Summer - Pancreas and Spleen
Fall - Lung & Colon

In the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse, you'll learn how to customize the program to match the season you are using it in. Ideally, you use it for 3 - 21 days each season. 

Seasonal rejuvenation is perfect for getting past weight loss plateaus, healing one's self, aging beautifully (while staying sexy!) and achieving greater and greater levels of health.

Not to mention, seasonal rejuvenation is a wonderful way to get yourself back on track when you fall off the wagon (let’s be honest, no one is perfect and we all get off track from time to time)!

If you have less than 15lbs to lose, then the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse is just what you need!

If you have many more pounds to lose, and you would so love to lose 15lbs as quickly and healthily as possible to get you off to a great start then cleansing is your best first step too!

 Click here to learn more about how you can get started on the journey.


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