Are those detox kits really worth it?

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Have you ever bought one of those health food store detox kits?

One thing that I know about detox (with a lot of experience customizing my own food based cleanses) is that you can add as many herbs and supplements as you want to a cleansing regime, but if you don’t make specific fundamental shifts in your diet and lifestyle at the same time, any benefits you get from the program will be short lived at best.

And really the results you can get are pretty minimal, because the dietary changes these cleanses 'suggest' are just too minimal.

I am serious. You are wasting your money.

If you want big results, you have to do something more extreme than what most of those programs recommend as the dietary basis of the cleanse. 

You gotta wake your body up.

Shake things up if you want big results. 

The thing is, you can spend your money on a short lived product or you can invest in a life changing experience that addresses your health holistically - mind, body, spirit and lifestyle.

On the other hand, when you settle for hoping for a quick fix in a bottle, you end up spending money (yip, you can put that in the expenses category), whereas when you invest in a sustainable lifestyle and paradigm shifting experience, the return on your investment is priceless (and keeps giving back)!

Anyone who is serious about getting off sugar, junk food, cleansing or healing their body is much better off doing a food based cleanse.

Your body doesn't have a supplement deficiency.

One thing that is typical of people who overcome their ‘processed food addictions’ (bet you can’t think of one person addicted to raw broccoli!) and heal from disease is that they often have a paradigm shift in the process that elevates and evolves literally every aspect of their lives.

That's the way that I relate to cleansing. It's an opportunity not just to take my health to the next level, but to look at all the areas of my life that need to be detoxed and up-leveled.

Now you can’t get that from a pill or in a box, but you sure can if you are ready for a paradigm shift - but only if you are ready for the journey of course - what you put in, you get out.

So if you were thinking of just doing one of those cleansing kits, do you REALLY want to ‘just pop pills’ or do you want to make craving junk, sugar and carry extraneous weight a thing of the past by addressing the true causes of your cravings?

Alright then, put that detox box, back on the shelf and dive deeply into the diet part instead.


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