13 Ways Cleansing Helps You Lose Weight


Here are 13 ways you can use cleansing to lose the weight fast while getting healthier in the process:

1) You get the nourishment your liver needs to detoxify properly, so that your body will actually let you access the stored fat (often it won’t because toxins are stored in your fat cells to protect you when your liver doesn’t have the nutritional resources it needs to keep up with detoxification). Fat cells act like a “buffer”to protect you, keeping toxins out of your blood stream and ‘safely’ stored away out of harm's way

2) Your happy liver will have the time and energy to catch up on all its many jobs, specifically to detoxify you and regulate your hormones properly (poorly regulating hormones are one of the root causes of why you your body won’t let you drop the weight).

3) With toxins out of the way and your hormones in harmony, your fat burning hormones are kicked into high gear with increasing sensitivity to leptin and insulin.

4) Feel less hungry - When your body is toxic, it becomes resistant to leptin and insulin - making you hungrier and hungrier - no matter how much you eat! On the other hand when your body is sensitive to leptin and insulin, you experience lasting fullness again!

5) Your cortisol levels are going to finally regulate without the stress of sugar (and starches).
*When your cortisol levels are too high, it elevates your insulin (creating insulin resistance) and throws your hormones out of whack.

6) Your blood sugar will balance out (sugar highs and lows keep you craving more sugar and starchy carbs). When insulin is stimulated, you can’t burn fat. It cuts the sugar in your diet down exponentially so that you are only stimulating insulin at mealtimes - that means that your body can burn fat again in between meals and while you sleep!

7) Along with balanced cortisol levels, cleansing brings inflammation down by eliminating top allergens in the diet and inflammatory foods. This helps in two ways….
a) Inflammatory chemicals trigger fat storage and thereby prevent weight loss, so we need to get our body’s out of an inflammatory state!

b) Plus, quickly say goodbye to the water weight that is caused by inflammation (depending on how much water you are currently retaining, you could lose up to 15lbs in 21 days or less)!

8)You eat more good fats. The right kind of fats stoke the fire of your metabolism. Fat is fuel for your glands helping you achieve optimal hormone production. Eating the right kind of fat is to your metabolism - as kindling is to a fire.

9) You eat a lot more nutrient dense food than you are used to - thus stimulating your metabolism out of starvation mode and giving your metabolism the deep nutrition it needs to regain it’s natural state of health (not to mention address the root causes of your cravings - which are often the result of nutrition deficiency)!

10) You also stop cravings by starving out the bad bacteria that cause them and introduce the healthy ones that cause you to crave healthy food. Studies show that overweight people have a different micro biome thin people. Overweight rats who are inoculated with the gut flora of thin rats lose weight without changing their diet!

11) With inflammation and insulin resistance down - so is your ‘nutrition resistance’. When your cells are resistant to insulin, they are also resistant to nutrition. When you normalize your insulin levels, you can assimilate more nutrition, deeply nourishing your metabolism back into high gear!

12) Your hunger reduces because with inflammatory foods out of the way, your gut in your gut lining heals and your ability to absorb the nutrition you eat soars!

13) You become hydrated fully which is essential for regulation of your body temp and to remove waste and toxins. When you are dehydrated, your body will lower your metabolism to preserve water for your vital organs and processes. If you are dehydrated, your body will also give you hunger signals in the hope that that there will be some water in the food you choose!

Personally, I lost 13lbs in just 2 weeks using this approach when I had hit my all time high of 176 lbs, which is clinically obese for someone of my height!

You’ve got nothing to lose but the weight! And what you stand to gain is much better health!

This Thursday night I am sharing exactly what to do to lose the weight when your body is in a holding pattern due to stress and deficiency.

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