Should you 'fast' or cleanse?

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Fasting is all the rage these days.

'Cleansing' is trendy, but not as popular as fasting.

Are you wondering what's the difference and which one would be better for you?

Fasting means no food at all, while cleansing means avoiding certain foods because of their inflammatory effects and adding in certain foods for their healing benefits.

Let's look at the pros and the cons of both.

First let's take a look at fasting…….

Fasting pros
- easy to understand and implement
- quick weight loss
- zero cost, zero cooking - in other words zero work.
- the body can heal itself of ailments when done for prolonged periods
- decreased inflammation
- increased autophagy
- improved insulin sensitivity

Fasting cons
- detox reactions can be intense
- needs to be doctor supervised with certain health conditions
- decreased nutrition
- very difficult to do
- results don't last unless you make it a lifestyle
- no focus on improving the quality of the foods you eat when food is re-introduced.
- can trigger feasting mode after

Next let's take a look at cleansing…….

Cleansing pros
- improved quality of foods
- increased nutrition
- quick weight loss
- the body can heal itself of ailments when done for prolonged periods
- overall increase of health consciousness
- decreased inflammation
- increased insulin sensitivity
- weight loss is maintained because the body's weight 'set point' has been reduced to a lower weight set point
- does not trigger feasting mode because you are deeply nourished in the process and not starving
- minimal detox reactions

Cleansing cons
- you have to spend more time learning how to do it
- fairly challenging, but not as hard as fasting
- takes work, you have to cook
- food budget must be considered
- there are so many cleanses available (confusing for the consumer)

Personally, I prefer doing a deep nutritive food based cleanse that doesn't require supplements or fasting, that way it is more affordable, detox reactions are more manageable and my body is nourished into higher levels of health in the process.

Once you are adapted to cleansing though, it's much easier to add fasting to the mix if you want to.

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