Weight Loss Block #4: Leaky Gut

weight loss block 4
Weight loss is not as simple as 'eat less & move more'.

There are 8 physiological blocks to weight loss that have nothing at all to do with calories or exercise.

Here is how having issues with leaky gut blocks weight loss:

1) Systemic inflammation blocks insulin receptors which means your body becomes resistant to insulin and as a result has a difficult time converting nourishment into fuel and instead it is accumulated into fat. Excess belly fat and weight gain are common signs of insulin resistance.

2) In addition “belly fat” is a biologically active tissue that produces its own hormones and inflammation. So essentially the belly fat creates inflammation and the inflammation creates more fat in a vicious cycle.

3) Systemic Inflammation (especially affecting the hypothalamus) can cause leptin resistance. Leptin is the hormone that makes you feel full. When we become resistant to leptin we feel hungry more often and therefore tend to over-consume and put on weight.

4) Having a leaky gut means that you don't digest your food completely and therefore nutrients are not well absorbed. Nutrient deficiency is a source of chronic stress that leads to cravings, overeating and excess cortisol which triggers excess insulin - causing more fat storage and blocking fat breakdown.

'Leaky Gut' - is just one example of the '8 Weight Loss Blocks' we identify to individualize your weight loss journey.

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