Since weight loss is a good ‘side effect’ of getting healthy, there are surprise benefits when you transform your diet to eat the ‘Delish’ way permanently.

Because the Delish diet reboots digestion and cleanses the liver to restore hormone balance, clear skin is a common good ‘side effect’.

When the liver is stagnant you will experience acne as your body is forced to push toxins out through your skin, instead of through the bowels.

Also a common contributor to hormone imbalance is a deficiency of healthy fats in the diet, which results in inflammation.

This systemic inflammation causes your skin to dry out and lose its youthful glow.

The Delish diet is a permanent diet and lifestyle approach based on the natural diet and lifestyle of the human species.

It is not some method or points system designed for quick, yet temporary results.

Want to discover what else could happen as a good ‘side effect’ for you as an individual, when you begin to live the way nature intended?

Book a ‘Slim, Sexy & Satisfied’ session to chat with me about how you can get started on the path to permanent weight loss.

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