Is your weight set point an issue?

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Your body weight set point refers to a specifc level of body fat that your body automatically works to maintain regardless of the quantity of calories you consume or 'try' to burn off via exercise.

This set point is why it's hard to lose weight. It's because the rest of your body's physiological functions are set to match that weight. When you lose weight, your whole body has to adjust and it takes time and consistent effort to change your body's homeostasis.

Do you know how to move the needle on your current weight loss set point?

If you have a slow metabolism, you will have a higher weight set point - one that your body will try it’s 'damnest' to maintain.

Counting calories and exercising more (especially exercising in the wrong way) will actually set your set point in stone - or worse, elevate it higher.

There are 3 keys to lowering your set point and you have to do them in the right way and in this order:
1. Mind your macros (no undereating please)!
2. Cleanse (without becoming deficient in the process)
3. Optimize your thyroid (well really it’s your whole endocrine system that needs support)

If you still think ‘dieting’, counting calories and doing aerobics is going result in permanent weight loss, you have been sold lies based on half truths (meaning things that sound logical, but are out of context within the reality of human physiology).

The only thing that works for permanent weight loss is this:

  1. Permanent revamp of your kitchen. You have to decide to adopt a whole foods diet and natural lifestyle permanently (not living this way is the reason 1 in 4 people are obese in the first place). Start with the cause. You are a human animal and you have a natural ‘diet’ and it isn’t found in a box on the shelf at a grocery store.
  2. Eat balanced macros - if you do this, not only will you rev up your metabolism, but you won’t have to buy a plethora of supplements to offset all the vitamin and mineral deficiencies you have from not eating balanced meals.
  3. Heal your health imbalances at the root cause. Stop medicating your symptoms (which by the way turn into worse health problems the longer you suppress them with drugs). The symptoms you have that are seemingly unrelated to your weight, are VERY related to the real reason your set point is high and your weight is stubborn.
Not sure how to get started?
  • Option 1: If you are a DIY'er, do your research (read books and articles)
  • Option 2: If you want to get pointed in the right direction, I have e-courses that save you the time and energy it takes to figure this all out on your own. You can check them out here.
  • Option 3: If you prefer personalized guidance, e-mail support@delishdiet,ca


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