Planning to see a nutritionist about your weight? WAIT!

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If someone gives you a weight loss plan based on nothing more than calorie restriction and exercise - you should run the other way!

Ask yourself this - what self respecting nutritionist would knowingly perpetuate nutrient deficiencies and the health imbalances that make weight loss next to impossible in the first place?

"Dieting" is NOT a solution for weight loss!

It’s a temporary quick fix that makes your nutritionist look good at first, but then you are both left frustrated when your body starts fighting back and the plan stops working.

We do something totally different around here - calorie counting is not a thing we do and exercise is optional.

We have a step by step plan that helps you lose weight as a result of FIRST putting a firm foundation for your health in place - NEXT we focus on helping YOU heal your symptoms and health imbalances (with our guidance) - THEN your body releases the weight as a natural good side effect of achieving a higher state of health (you don't get to decide how long that takes or what changes your body prioritizes in it's inherent wisdom).

Once your health issues and nutrient deficiencies are addressed (and this takes time - which is why we encourage education and continuity packages instead of 1 offs), your body naturally releases excess body fat - without you having to ‘try’ to lose weight.

While the path to permanent weight loss doesn’t often result in quick results (unless you are willing to engage in a cleansing process or take extreme therapeutic measures) it is a sustainable path and the results are permanent.

It’s really a 2 for 1 deal.

You come to lose weight, but you get much more than that.

You get your health back in the process!

Mindset wise, your health is what you need to prioritize.

The first step to permanent weight loss is dropping the urgency to lose weight and putting your health first.

We can help you do that.

Book a complimentary intake call here to get matched with a product or service.

You can work with myself or a Delish Diet Certified Practitioner who will help you lose weight naturally without dieting.

Don’t be shy, we’ve got options for all kinds of budgets, calendar availabilities and time constraints.

I can’t wait to chat with you about how you can get started today!


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