Can you really put aside the time & energy it takes cleanse?

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In a perfect world, we'd take 3 weeks off of work, rent a cabin in the woods, bring nothing but fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds, maybe some inspirational books, a journal and a pen and a yoga mat.

But that just isn't realistic for most folks.

We have responsibilities like kids, work and our finances to attend to.

We don't want to have to go to work with a pounding headache or have to just eat salads, while still cooking regular meals for the rest of the family.

Not to mention, for most people, it just isn't financially feasible to take the time off from working.

So how can we  do a cleanse and STILL do what need needs to be done in our lives?

It really comes down to planning.

You have to set aside the time to plan beforehand, do some food pre-prep and prepare a few simple meals on the weekend.

That truly is the key to a successful cleansing experience that feels luxurious and pleasurable.

With the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse, we've got resources that will help you with planning, such as:

  • signature grocery list of allowable foods (for if you want to cook whatever you feel drawn to eat)
  • template for how to cook with whatever you have on hand (without a recipe)
  • printable recipe booklets and recipes blog (so that you can create your own weekly menu plans)
  • done for you menu plans, complete with food prep rhythms and printable grocery lists (if you prefer to make luxurious cleanse recipes all done for you)

Meal planning and food pre prep is SO key.

The more energy you put into customizing the cleanse to your preferences and taste buds, the more excited you'll be about making the food and carrying out your plan.

Since you are eating super well, you'll have more energy than ever - and that means that going to work and doing your usual activities will be no problem at all (this is not fasting).

With one caveat..... the first time you do a cleanse, it might feel like you are always in the kitchen - but that's just because you are in the learning phase.

Once you are over the learning curve, regular cleansing becomes so much easier!

Ready to rise up to the challenge?

Join the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse program now!

If cleansing feels intimidating, you can also start with planning shorter cleanses like 1, 3 or 5 days until you feel confident that you can do more.

The most important thing is simply committing to cleansing periodically as a lifestyle. Simply get started in a way that is doable for you now and then do it over and over until it becomes easy!


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