Weight Loss Block #4: Sluggish Liver

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Did you know that people who's body's are overburdened with toxicity and therefore have sluggish and fatty livers, find it more difficult to maintain their ideal body weight?

Weight loss is not always as simple as 'eat less & move more'.

There are 8 physiological blocks to weight loss that have nothing at all to do with calories or exercise.

The fourth of the 8 blocks is Liver issues.

Today we are taking a sneak peek at 16 ways that Liver Issues can block weight loss:

1 - Causes Estrogen Dominance - When your liver is sluggish, it doesn't properly break down hormones, which causes estrogen imbalance and thus more weight gain.

2 - Fatty Liver - Your liver is alpha when is comes to being a fat-burning organ in the body. It also pumps excess fat out of itself into the bile and intestines to be eliminated. If it is not doing this well, the result is a fatty liver.

3 - Increases Body Fat Storage -When your liver is sluggish or ‘clogged,’ and becomes unable to adequately break down fats and harmful substances, it will increase body fat to store those toxins that it can't keep up with..

4 - It Refuses to Break Down Fat - When your liver is overburdened by toxicity, it will not break down fat. Essentially, it doesn't have the "space" or "energy" to deal with the additional toxins that will be released, while the fat is breaking down. As a result, fat is not instructed to break down.

5 - Master of Metabolism - Since the liver is the master gland, it regulates metabolism. Thus the metabolism is compromised and everything happens at a much slower rate in the body as a result.

6 -Blood Sugar Manager - The liver also regulates blood sugar, so a sluggish liver can lead to blood sugar abnormalities, causing fat storage on high speed.

7 - Makes You Feel Swollen - Water retention can also be the result of a sluggish liver. This causes a person to weigh more and feel fat.

8 - It's Exhausting - If your liver is overburdened, you'll feel overburdened. A sluggish liver makes you feel tired and can lead to more serious health issues such as thyroid problems (which result in even more weight gain).

9 - Liver Roll - People with a fatty liver often have a roll of loose fat around the upper abdomen, “a liver roll” that will not 'break down' unless the liver function is restored.

10 - Thyroid - The liver regulates Thyroxine (T 4), and is supposed to convert it into it's active form Triiodothyronine (T 3). Fatty, inflamed or sluggish livers do not do this well and that slows metabolic rate and creates thyroid problems.

11 - Internally Generated Toxicity - your liver makes biochemicals necessary for digestion such as enzymes, but it needs nutrients and protein to do this. If you are not getting enough nutrition, then your natural detoxification pathways won't work optimally. And since you are simultaneously also not making optimal amounts of enzymes, your food is not broken down properly. This burdens the liver even more with the work of digestion 'overspill' (which is not what the liver is designed to do). Your liver is supposed to allocate nutrients to where they are needed for chemical processes in the body - it's not supposed to have to break them down from undigested food. As a result, a person can have sluggish and toxic liver, even if they have a healthy diet and lifestyle.

12 - Constipation - When your liver is sluggish, it does not make enough bile, which causes constipation and thus more toxicity is recirculated back to the liver, overburdening it even more.

13 - Gallbladder Trouble - When toxins are dumped into your gallbladder, the bile becomes thick, sludgy and and can’t be expelled easily. This backup of bile congests the liver. Therefore instead of the fat being broken down, it gets stuck in a cycle of reabsorption (causing high blood fat), instead of being broken down and used nutritionally or eliminated as waste.

14 - Nutrient Deficiencies - A sluggish a toxic liver also prevents your body from getting the nourishment of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, & K) and essential fatty acids that are also necessary for healthy hormones. When you are not getting enough nutrients, this causes cravings, overeating and hormone imbalances.

15 - Drugs & Alcohol - Many prescription medications are hard on the liver, as is alcohol - they can both be huge contributors to weight loss resistance.

16 - It's A Lose/Lose Situation - If your liver isn’t functioning properly, weight loss can become almost impossible. As toxicity increases, the liver struggles to process nutrients, especially fat, and has trouble both filtering the blood, and detoxifying and metabolizing drugs - all of which leads to more sluggishness and toxicity. And then the cycle continues.

Would you like to heal your situation with sluggish liver issues and at the same time unblock your weight loss resistance?

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When you put your health first, the extra weight comes off naturally - as a good side effect of having achieved optimal health!

Liver issues are just one example of the '8 Weight Loss Blocks' that we identify to individualize your weight loss journey.


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