How Do You Carry Yourself?

Attractiveness is not about the shape or weight of your body, it is related to how you feel - not to how you imagine others feel about you.

So how are you carrying yourself?

You can choose to stay frumpy wearing clothes that make you look fatter than you actually are to hide your bloated belly, the spare tire or muffin top - clothes that you’ve settled for and don’t love.


You can accept your body the way it is right now and start dressing it the way you want to feel. Don’t wait until you have hit your desired weight to feel ‘hot’.

Dress ‘hot’ now at your current size.

This will enable you to ‘feel’ your body’s divine design into reality.

When you feel yourself to be beautiful, hot, sexy etc. …that is an instruction you are unconsciously commanding of your body.

Your body follows your mind.

Notice that when you feel good you make better choices.

If you punish your body through depriving yourself of what you really want to wear and hiding it under baggy clothing that makes you look ‘boxy’, you are instructing it that it is bad and shameful.

Negative self talk about your body is an unconscious instruction that will compel you toward poor choices.

Shame only hinders, never helps.

Don’t give what you don’t like about your body any more of your focus.

Shine light on your beauty by focusing on what you like about the way you are now.

Flaunt what you got, till you got what you want!

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