Eating too much is NOT the cause of being overweight.


Eating too much is NOT the cause of being overweight.

It’s a symptom of it. You are overweight because you are deficient in nutrition or emotionally weighed down in some way.

If you eat too much, it’s actually because you are starving.

You are starving for the deep nutrition that has been displaced by processed and refined foods and/ or you are depleted by stress.

Instead of your cells being filled with nourishment, they are hungry, craving and in protection mode (because of toxins that tag along).

Processed foods are not just deficient in nutrition, but they deplete you of nutrients too, (because now you need extra nutrients for your liver to be able detoxify them).

Another reason you eat too much is because your soul is starving.

The less nourishment you give yourself on the metaphysical level… meaning food for your mind, emotions and soul, the more you have to rely on food to derive all your energy.

What’s your soul craving today?

Eat that.

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