Here are some signs, symptoms and health issues that point to body system imbalances that cause your body to hold on to fat:
- Blood sugar imbalances, PMS & Menopause problems etc.
- Inflammation of any kind, joint and muscle pain, exhaustion, tissue swelling, acidity and food sensitivities etc.
- High blood pressure, fatty liver and trouble with fat digestion etc.
- Bloating, constipation, reflux etc.

This is just a short list of challenges that your body wants to heal before it will feel like it's safe enough to concern itself with releasing your extra body fat.

Any and all uncomfortable symptoms are your body's way of speaking to you that something is wrong.

Your body's FIRST priority is healing, not weight loss.

In your body's inherent wisdom, it will only release body fat when the conditions for healing have been met.

If your body won't release excess weight, that's because it's in protection (or freeze) mode.

When you can't 'fight or flight' yourself away from negative circumstances (ones that feel beyond your control), the body copes by going into freeze mode.

In fact your primal brain literally interprets chronic stress as famine or a deep winter that requires the need to hibernate - and so it starts storing more fat to protect you from starving and/ freezing.

Just one or more of the following scenarios can cause your body to get stuck, in freeze mode:
- chronic stress
- nutrient deficiencies
- sluggish organs
- exposed to environmental toxins
- negative emotions
- negative mindset
- lack of harmony in life
- lack of soul food

Deficiencies and toxicities on all the levels (body, mind, emotion and soul) combine to create body system imbalances.

When your body goes out of balance, it is susceptible to dis-ease, which is why it doesn't care how you look or whether or not you can fit into your skinny jeans - that's the last of its worries.

While doctors tell you that you need to lose weight to get healthy, the truth is that you need to get healthy to lose the weight.

Once you up-level your mindset, release your negative emotions, address your chronic stress, fill your nutrient deficiencies, stop putting toxins in your body, create harmony in your life and embrace 'soul food', your body will finally relax.

When you are replenished and relaxed, your body can get into healing mode.

In this state of relaxation, your organs will renew themselves just as they were designed to do.

As a result of this renewal, your body systems will go back into balance and your hormones will stop instructing your body to turn fuel into fat and instead start orchestrating fat to be burned as fuel.

If you want help with this, I have an assessment for determining which of your body system's is most out of balance and will provide you with a customized holistic nutrition protocol, along with curated resources that give you the tools you need to heal yourself.

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