Why you are going to have to throw out your scale to lose weight.

sacsle in the garbage
The reason why is that focusing on what the scale says is focusing your time, energy & attention on the wrong thing.
You think your weight is your problem, but it isn’t.

Your weight is an effect of your problem, not the cause.

Your problem is fivefold ...

1 - You have a low level of health education or consciousness (or both). You don’t actually know what you are doing. You could be doing it wrong or 'half assing' things - in any case you are making incorrect choices. You are probably making decisions based on theories and paradigms about weight loss that sound simple and logical, like ‘eat less & move more’ but don’t work in actual practice (for multiple reasons). You think you know what to do, but you don’t. And you don’t yet know what you don’t know.

2 - You are focusing on your weight instead of your health - your weight is the result of your health - it is not the obstacle to your health. Focusing on your weight without making ‘optimal health’ your priority only serves to reinforce your lack of results and perpetuate your obsession with wanting to lose weight - yet never losing any.

3 - Health is not a priority for you - your bank statements and your time calendar prove it. You don’t invest your time and money in increasing your health. For example you don’t invest in the level of support you need, you don’t enrol in health giving activities and you 'cheap out' on quality food. Instead you spend your money on things that feed your addictions, activities that lower your level of health and on buying more material things that provide fleeting fulfillment. You value having ‘stuff’ and being entertained more than you value taking proactive and personal responsibility for your health (and your life). Most people spend more money on car maintenance than they do on health maintenance.

4 - You are trying to change your weight by using willpower to change your choices and actions - instead of up-levelling your environment, relationships, values, standards and personal boundaries.

5 - You make promises to yourself that you don’t keep - your actions and choices are not in alignment with what you say you value. You live by whims. You do what is easy in the moment that makes for a more difficult future - instead of doing the hard things now that make for an easier future.

If you hyper focus on what the scale says and look for quick fixes - instead of addressing the aforementioned self limiting mindsets - you’ll always be obsessed with what the scale says.

And you’ll never permanently lose weight.

Just like everyone else, you’ll have short lived successes that don’t stick.

If you do what 97% of dieters do - you’ll get their results.

You can’t change your body without also changing your mind - and your feelings.

As with any challenge you struggle with, in any area of your life, it’s irrational to think that you can change your results without changing yourself.

Book a session now if you want to learn more about how you can get support to use your weight loss journey as a catalyst for a lifestyle transformation - because that’s what it is going to take to join the 3% of people who lose the weight and keep it off.


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