4 Reasons Diets Have Failed You


Do you believe losing weight without dieting can work for others, but not for you?

I totally get it.

If you already eat healthy or you've tried every diet under the sun (to no avail), it's easy to think that breakthroughs and miracles only happen to other people.

As an ex-dieter myself and having been obese on a natural whole foods plant based diet, I was once standing in your shoes.

I know what it feels like to have extreme doubts about being able to achieve my ideal weight - without having to obsess about it, or having to diet myself to death.

Each and every time you "fail" a diet, It's tempting to try to make sense of it by the feeling that it must be easier for other people - or to think that your body has failed you.

Here is the truth though ..... you haven't failed diets, 'dieting' has failed you. 

Read on to learn why 'dieting' in the conventional sense doesn't work (besides being based on half truths and not at all addressing the true root causes of being overweight).

4 reasons diets have failed you: 

  1. Diets are designed not for health, but to achieve weight loss as fast as possible - and at any cost (ie: adrenal exhaustion, slowing down the metabolism, ending up with loose saggy and hanging skin etc.).
  2. Diets have no paradigm or mindset shift. You haven't learned much. You have memorized a system that doesn't require you to use your head - diets are designed to be followed blindly.
  3. Diets are shallow. They don't include a deep lifestyle component. You end up being the same person the day you hit your weight loss goal, as the day you started the diet - and that means you are going to go back to your old habits - which of course will result in your old results. 
  4. Diets are designed to be temporary. They are not meant to be followed permanently (because they are not healthy). And so the minute the diet is done, you gain all the weight back (and more). This is because the resulting deprivation and reduced calories triggers starvation mode - which then backfires into feasting mode - but this time you are binging on a slower metabolism - resulting in more weight gain than ever. This is the diet cycle.

The 'delish' approach is the anti-thesis to all that.

How the 'delish' way is different:

  1. It is based on the natural diet of the human species and is informed by the latest knowledge in weight loss physiology. We cooperate with nature and with your body - we don't do unnatural 'things' or beat your body into submission.
  2. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach and it isn't a formula or method either. It requires you to take the time to deeply understand new knowledge and then embody what you learn long enough to gain wisdom.
  3. The is deep, not shallow. It is up to you to feed your body and mind what they require and to NOT feed them what they don't require (ie: processed industrialized food, pop culture and shallow ideologies). It is up to YOU to make the right choices and it's up to your BODY in it's  inherent wisdom to prioritize the timing, flow and process of how it will transform itself - from the inside out. This is done by an invisible healing force that you must work WITH (rather than try to control, force or beat it into submission). Diets work in direct opposition to your inherent healing force - and that is why the body fights back.
  4. This is a permanent approach. You literally transform your diet, your lifestyle, your paradigm and your mindset. In the process of re-education, your kitchen and your lifestyle is completely transformed permanently. If you are not ready for that, then you are not internally ready to attain and maintain your ideal weight.

If you want to gain confidence in your body, then you are going to have to learn something different.

Click on the following link to watch the 'Lose Weight Without Dieting' webinar so that you can begin the process of changing your mind: https://www.delishdiet.ca/lose-weight-without-dieting 


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