Here's how else you can make $ as a student.


Wondering how else you can start making money right away, so that you can earn while you learn?

With most certifications you have to wait until you are certified until you can start working with clients. This means that you have months or years without income returned on your investment. 

That is not the case when you become a Delish Diet Certified Practitioner.

Not to mention, without clinical experience, most nutritionists lack confidence because they didn't get any experience.

Education provides a lot of knowledge yes, but without practical application of that knowledge, a lot of it is unreachable, way in the back recesses of your subconscious mind and completely inaccessible - because it wasn't put in practice in the content of a real life situation.

It doesn't have to be that way though!

You can earn while you learn nutrition and learn business while you earn as a nutritionist!

Once you have completed working with 3 beta clients in our student clinic at $20hr, you can get paid $50 -$100 an hour working with clients inside the Weightless Group Coaching program.

As an intra-preneur, you'll start at $50 per session for 3 months, after 6 months you will get a raise to $75 per session and after 1 year working for us, you will receive $100 per session.

Here is how you can make $ and gain experience now:

1. Get paid $20 hour to serve beta clients enrolled in our scholarship program.
2. Make $50 - $100 an hour coaching our program clients 
3. Market our products via social media and receive 50% of the commission.
4. Sell our service based programs over the phone, e-mail or messenger and receive $1000 commission for each person you enrol.
5. Join us for a 2 week live launch on a quarterly basis to boost your sales and sessions

Fancy yourself more of a teacher than a consultant?

We've got teaching and group coaching facilitator positions as well, not to mention, you can teach our classes locally or through your own online courses.

You are going to love working from anywhere in the world, setting your own hours and making a generous living doing work you are passionate about with clients and colleagues you love!

Join the Delish Diet Certification Program now!

If you want to speak with me personally before enrolling, click here to book a private 'Become a Delish Diet Certified Practitioner' breakthrough session.


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