You haven't been able to lose weight before, so why would THIS be any different?

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I totally get it. 

I once thought that I was already doing everything right and it didn't work.

I also was not about to count calories or live at the gym, because honestly there are more interesting and enjoyable ways to spend my life.

I mean if it took doing THAT to maintain a normal weight, well then I would have rather been fat.

But here's the thing. 

I wasn't doing everything right - despite having been a health nut since I was 20 years old, even though I worked in the natural health field since I was 23, old and even though I spent years studying nutrition and had two natural nutrition certifications to boot.

I was missing pieces because I was too close to myself to be objective.

Listen, how can you know what you don't know?

The only way to find out is to talk to someone with specialized knowledge - AND - an expansive point of view from a holistic vantage point.

An objective, knowledgeable and open-minded person can help you pinpoint what isn't necessarily obvious.

Such a person will not be so ignorant that they oversimplify your weight problem by saying "it's because you eat too much, duh"!

That's total ignorance of the many culminating factors that come together to cause a person to gain weight and not be able to lose it. 

If what I just said resonates for you, I would love to be that person for you.

You can book a small package here, so that together we can get to the bottom of it.

Or if you prefer to put the pieces of the puzzle together for yourself, join us in the Delish UN-Diet School to learn how to create your own weight loss path and plan.

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