She lost 20 lbs with the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse


What I love about Tara's testimonial is that she emphasizes the health and wellness benefits she receives from cleansing.

With the yearly cleanse that she gifts herself from December 1st - 21st culminating in a winter solstice celebration, it's clear that she understands the true purpose of cleansing - that it's not just for weight maintenance, but for a yearly health reset too!

In her own words......

"I officially lost 20 lbs! I am just so thankful this program filled in the missing links with excess weight that I had no idea were even there. The Delish Diet Deep Cleanse was a game changer for me in using nutrition to heal and release weight after 40. Sherry teaches dense nutrition and pleasurable eating that was perfect for the way my 40 something body was experiencing new hormonal shifts. She’s seriously onto something! I just finished another round of 21 days of nourishing foods, teas, gut repairing foods, and clean eating. It’s the best hormone balancing, liver repairing and gut health nourishing cleanse I’ve found. My body, beauty and spirit feel so renewed."

Tara Preston 

As you can see, the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse is about WAY more than JUST losing weight. It's about raising your standards for health and up-levelling your whole life at the same time!

Just like Tara, you too can:

- lose 15lbs in 21 days

- give your liver the nourishment and rest it needs to reset your metabolism

- heal your gut and release the inflammation

- balance your hormones

- renew your body, beauty and spirit

Ready to carve out 21 days of sacred space in your life for renewal, rejuvenation and retreat now?

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