Are you thinking of cleansing, but don’t know if you are really up to the challenge?

I have found that there are 3 reasons people typically fail to complete a cleanse program.

1. Disorganization
2. Stimulants
3. Detox symptoms

In this e-mail, I am going to share with you how you can overcome them - so that you can finally take a pause and give your body the focused attention it needs!

Here are the top 3 reasons people fail to finish their cleanses:

1. DISORGANIZATION - They jump in without taking the time to plan and then fall off the wagon because they didn’t put enough focus into the planning and preparation stage. So what happens is that, they have no ‘ready to eat’ foods on hand - or nothing to take with them when they are ‘out and about’ - and end up feeling starved and tempted 'cheat' or quit.

2. STIMULANTS - They miss the stimulants that they normally use to suppress and repress their depressed feelings. If you’ve been relying on coffee for your daily serotonin hit, going off coffee is gonna hurt on multiple levels (think headaches and feeling 'blazeh'). Let’s face it coffee is what keeps us buzzing little worker bees, so that we can cope with forcing ourselves though mundane tasks.

3. DETOX SYMPTOMS - If you have never cleansed before, the first 5 days can be hard on the physical level while acids are flushing and toxins are eliminated (think muscle achiness, joint pain, foggy brain and grumpy moods). Not to mention, diarrhea or constipation can ensue as the microbiome up-levels (think bloating, gas and stomach pain). All of this normally passes in 3-5 days, even if you do nothing extra to support the process (in the Delish Deep Cleanse program I share exactly how to adjust the cleanse so that you can stop these symptoms).

While cleansing is a challenge, it doesn’t have to be hard.

You see, most people approach cleansing as ‘all or nothing’. That’s kinda ridiculous because it means if you don’t cleanse, then your body gets neglected.

Why let your health degenerate before you get serious about it?

If you choose to cleanse out of love for your body now, instead of doing it from a place of fear later, then cleansing can be a path of self- love and pleasure.

Cleansing is not an ‘all or nothing’ thing. It’s a both/and thing.

The question is, how can you cleanse and also stay on top of the responsibilities you have in life, feel happy, and not suffer symptoms?

1. GET ORGANIZED FIRST - Don’t jump into a cleanse on a whim. Part of engaging with the process fully, is reading the materials and watching the trainings to understand how and why cleansing is going to help you. You need to learn why certain foods are included and certain ones are not, so that you are internally motivated. Try out a few recipes to get familiar with them and to assure yourself that there will be lots of delicious pleasurable food to eat. Prove to yourself that cleansing foods can be delicious and decadent by making pleasurable treat recipes - so that you aren’t vulnerable to whims and cravings later.

2. DON’T QUIT COFFEE UNLESS YOU FEEL THE DESIRE TO - There are multiple ways that you can drink coffee in a way that is healthier. And there are lots of pleasurable alternatives that you can play with as well. A cleanse with coffee is always better than no cleanse at all.

3. FOCUS ON DEEP NUTRITION AND ‘BUILDING FOODS’ - Cleansing symptoms are the result of releasing acids and toxins so fast that your liver can’t keep up. There are two ways to deal with this: 1) liver supporting herbs & foods 2) learn which foods are more ‘building’ and other strategies for slowing down your cleansing response. Doing so gives your liver the time and nutrition it needs to catch up!

It’s not about doing the deepest most perfect cleanse ever. It’s about just getting started from where you are a,and building from there.

Cleansing is something you should be doing at minimum once a year. Just as you spring clean your house or give your vehicle a tune-up, your body also needs the same kind of attention and rejuvenation.

The best time to start is now at a depth that works for you. You can always go deeper later!

You do it seasonally or any time you feel you need it (like after travel or the holidays).

One of the benefits of slowing things down and taking a gentle, personalized cleansing approach, is that you get to start ridding your body of toxins more slowly over time - which makes future more in depth cleansing even easier later!

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