Do you feel futile about your weight, like nothing will work for you? 


You are not alone if you struggle with your weight and feel futile about it.

If you've been dieting in the conventional sense (temporarily cutting calories and excessively exercising), well then you've been set up.

Set up to permanently struggle with your weight.

No wonder it feels futile.

Calorie counting does not result in permanent weight loss.

The only thing it does is reinforce "trying harder" to do better at what will never work permanently. It just "damages" your metabolism and perpetuates further future weight gain.

It's a half truth that a calorie is just a calorie. It's a lie that the quality of the foods we choose make no difference.

Eating less and moving more, does not take into account how nutrient deficiencies, body system imbalances and hormones affect weight loss.

Many people want to believe that it's all about the calories because it seems simple and sounds easier than a full on diet and lifestyle transformation.

And if you prefer to just keep eating the way you eat, and continue to live the lifestyle you do - minus some calories, well then this is not for you.

It's for the people that want to live in a world where calories are not a consideration.

This is for the person who is ready for things to change from the inside out.

In order to do that, first you have to recognize the thoughts, feelings and attitudes that are constructing a reality in which weight loss is futile.

These mindsets have been programmed into you by your family and by the dominant collective culture.

While it's not your fault that you developed the following attitudes, you are the only one who has the power to change it.

The following are the most common states of mind I have noticed with people who feel futile with their weight.

This is essentially a snapshot of the diet mentality. How many can you relate to?

1. Want quick results with an impatient attitude.

2. Willing to 'push & shove' and force your body into submission.

3. Keep temporarily doing what works in the short term, but doesn't work in the long term (fad diets).

4. Stay on the diet rollercoaster. Do what doesn't work, just keep doing it harder until you can't do it no more (then give up and go on a food bender until you feel sick or so sick of yourself and angry about it all, that you've summoned up the energy to try yet another "diet").

5. Just eat whatever is around without any standards or constantly give in to other people's standards, even though they don't align with your values.

6. Give in to fleeting internal resistance, whims, conveniences and pleasures and then beat yourself up about it later (or blame it on your partner, work, friends and family).

7. Feel remorse about your choices/decisions because now you feel gross, bloated and fat, so you throw your hands up in the air, say "fuck it" and go for even more crap food and don't stop until you feel like your stomach is going to explode and you feel completely disgusted with yourself.

8. Not willing to invest time, energy and resources in learning how to actually be healthy and maintain a normal healthy weight.

9. Don't want to put any mental skin in the game. Not willing to learn about health or how your body works.

10. Want to be spoon fed shallow advice that you don't have to think that much about.

11. Just want to be told what to do (you think that if you just knew what to do, you'd do it)... but the minute you hit a plateau or gain a pound, you throw your hands up and say "see, nothing works for me".

12. You won't accept that setbacks, obstacles, challenges and even temporary weight gain are just "par for the course" while finding the unique path that will work for you and your body, starting from where you are at right now.

13. Not being willing to figure out what works and doesn't work for your body as a individual, just want a plan or points system to follow blindly.

14. When you hit an obstacle or challenge, instead of going deeper and meeting it, you look for a new diet (or practitioner), and thus ensure that nothing (and no one) can ever get to the deeper causes or know you and your body well enough to customize your diet and lifestyle to your individual needs.

15. Feel like a victim to lack of health, diets, your body and your weight. Nothing can be overcome from that emotional state. You can't feel like a victim to your weight or health and at the same time be in the right state to change it.

16. Refuse to accept that you are a human being who needs to eat the natural diet of your species and instead just want stimulating foods that are cheap & convenient.

17. Stay annoyed that it takes time, money and energy to prepare good food and refuse to allow food, cooking and eating to be a soul nourishing a part of your life.

Let's connect if you want help to change this by booking a complimentary call to chat. Or if you want to jump in with both feet right now, then book a Weight Loss Blocks Assessment Strategy Package.

And by the way, you don't have to be perfect in practice or have the perfect mindset all the time to achieve your ideal weight and maintain it. As someone who was clinically obese, I spent years feeling futile about my weight after having my second child. I also still have a tendency to binge on certain foods (just by taking the first bite), and yet I have maintained my weight loss for a decade now (with little more than 10 lbs up or down from my ideal weight of 135 lbs. I still sometimes struggle with 1, 6, 7 & 17) and I also remain at a healthy weight.

Did I miss any futile thoughts, feelings or behaviours? Tell me in the comments below!

Stay tuned for an upcoming part 2 where I will share the states of mind for permanent weight loss.


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