• Besides the fact that I ate natural, organic whole foods, I still became obese.
  • Besides the fact that I was a lacto-vegetarian for 13 years (no eggs), I still became obese.
  • Besides the fact that I was a health nut, I still became obese.
  • Besides the fact that I knew a lot about nutrition, I still became obese.

Here’s what I woke up to…..

1. I ate way too many carbs, even though I didn’t eat white flour or white sugar. Too many complex carbs equals too much sugar. While natural healthy whole food carbs need not be vilified, if you are overweight, you are very likely eating more starch than your body needs (the fact that you are fat proves it). You probably don’t realize that you are eating too much ‘inherent sugar’ (glucose contained within the complex carb) and becoming insulin resistant. If this goes unchecked for too long, being fat will be the least of your worries. Once your body digests starch it becomes glucose. If your body doesn’t need the amount of glucose you are eating, then it has no choice, but to store it as fat. Your body doesn’t really care if that glucose came from a whole grain or from a slurpee, the excess will be stored as fat. And if your body has the opposite response, you will assimilate very little glucose or nutrients for that matter, and you’ll have a tendency to diarrhea and be underweight. Either way your body is inflamed due to excess glucose (among other reasons).

2. I wasn’t eating enough protein and you are probably not either. Excess carbohydrates, (complex or not) displaces highly absorbable proteins and optimal amounts of minerals in the diet. To get ‘enough’, you have no choice but to eat an excess of carbs. A deficiency of protein will drive you to eat and eat and eat. Your body is basically desperate, and it hopes that if you just keep eating something, anything, eventually you'll get enough protein. You will be fully convinced that you need all these complex carbs and fruit to feel good, but this compulsion to eat too many carbs is driven by deficiency of protein and fat. You have to eat carbs in excess, to compensate for not eating enough quality animal-based food. Excess carbs and subsequently not enough protein and fat is tanking your metabolism.

3. I was deficient in certain amino acids and minerals causing emotional instability and physical weakness (this state can even make doing things that are actually healthy become interpreted by the brain as added stress, even though they are essential for health). Nutrition deficiency affects our emotional stability and mental health. It is a vastly under looked and underestimated unrelenting chronic stress on your body. Your nervous system and adrenals are built on fat, cholesterol and protein. You need to feed your body right if you want to feel grounded and stable, instead of frazzled and overwhelmed. If you are deficient in these ‘building nutrients’, then you will not handle stress well and you’ll burn out quickly and easily. You need optimal amino acids (essential amino acids in optimal ratios that come primarily from animal foods). Amino acids are the building blocks of your ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters. If you are low on protein, you’ll experience depression and anxiety, even if “nothing is wrong”. And by the way, you’ll also lose your motivation and drive. You’ll think of yourself as having no willpower or follow through. These so-called personality traits are nothing more than symptoms of nutrition deficiency and body system imbalances. It’s not you, it’s your food.

4. I was suppressing my true needs and desires by settling, instead of doing the hard things that make for an easier future. Chronic underlying stress not only depletes us further of nutrition (the more stress you are under, the more nutrition you need), but it drives up stress hormones like cortisol. High cortisol subsequently elevates insulin. Insulin is the fat storage hormone. You can “diet” all you want, but if you are under-eating and/or over exercising, you won’t lose even a morsel of a pound if your adrenals and nervous system have crashed. It’s more likely that you will continue to gain weight, by the increased stress of being hyper focused on trying to lose it to no avail (you can’t push, shove and force your body around and expect good results….health comes first, weight loss comes as a ‘good side effect’ of getting healthier). You must address the chronic stress in your life. This is done by embracing the acute stresses head on that you’ve been avoiding. This will initially create chaos, but also change. Instead of ‘swallowing your feelings whole’ and hiding them, you must chew on them (acknowledge them), digest them (tell yourself the truth) and assimilate them (learn the lesson). The vast majority of people are simply eating their feelings, not sharing them and doing nothing to let them go. This leads to recreating the same life experiences over and over. These suppressed stuck emotions also create susceptibility to all kinds of other health problems as well.

So if you are fat, sick or unhappy, wake up and take your health into your hands.

Your body is trying to tell you, something is wrong!

It’s time to start listening and stop avoiding the truth.

Decide now to use your health and your weight loss challenges as a catalyst to transform your life.

The point of life is not to look back and long for better days, to hang on to past hurts, stay traumatized, remain emotionally stunted, feed addiction, settle for things the way they are and dread the future etc.

It’s more like we are here to be present with one another, look forward to a future that we co create with the creator and our loved ones. We are here to have fun, to learn, to grow, share our soul, give our gifts in the world, experience deep connection, intimacy and sexual fulfillment etc.

Without the inner work and a strong basis of physical health, none of that is likely to happen.

We must embrace a lifelong practice of becoming more and more aware of our own needs - body, mind and soul - and attending to them like they matter more than anything else.

Now that’s something worth waking up to.

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A Cheri LePage

Yes indeed, I wear my stress in increased dress size, I've always said that! This makes very good sense to me! I tried to talk with my allopathic doc 30 years ago about the underlying conditions that stress imposes on people, especially new mama's with not enough support systems... they thought i was completely nuts! Hence I sought homeopathic - naturopathy and herbalist methods and nowadays simply will not go to an allopathic practitioner period. 

I'm grateful to have heard your presentation through Beth and the House of Free Will... looking forward to our initial consult and the HoFW group sessions.


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