Never Underestimate the Impact of Stress

When you are chronically stressed, a certain hormone called cortisol becomes elevated. When cortisol is chronically elevated, it stimulates the fat storage hormone called insulin.

Elevated levels of insulin tell your body to store more energy as as fat. That's why stress can make your body turn more of what you eat into fat - even if you don't consume one extra calorie.

Excess cortisol also breaks down your muscle tissue making your metabolism even slower - not to mention it shrinks your butt and thighs, while depositing most of the fat in your arms and belly.

That's not exactly a pretty picture in either sense of the word, as visceral abdominal fat is associated with worse dis-ease states than "just being fat".
When you are in a state of chronic stress, even "things" that are normally healthy, can backfire and start slowing down your metabolism....because your body interprets them as even more triggers for chronic stress ie: exercising, fasting and worrying about your weight.

Stop trying to change the outside, from the outside, the change starts within.

Stop settling in life and face your fears. Every single chronic stress in your life can be solved by choosing to do the "hard thing' ......face the acute stressor.
- make the time
- take the risk
- say the thing
- do 'it' now
- nourish your self

It's the same for dis-ease. You can't get into healing mode if you are in a state of fight, flight or freeze.

Stop letting the expectations of others motivate your choices in life and instead become internally driven by your true needs and desires.

Make your dreams come true.

You didn't come here to live on this planet just to work for "the man", living your own personal "groundhog day", spinning on the hamster wheel of the "rat race", immersed in consumerism, sedated by "retail therapy" and stimulated by entertainment.

You were born for more than that.

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