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We all know how the saying goes, ‘the truth shall set you free’. 

We’ve all heard it, it sounds logical, true and right, and yet we still create our own prisons - by unconsciously or even deliberately lying to ourselves.

I kept myself prison for over 20 years in a marriage that wasn’t really right for me. I don’t have the time to go into all the little lies I told myself, but the minute did I tell myself the truth, that I was just staying to…

a) preserve the sanctity of marriage
b) to protect my children
c) because I didn’t know how I could keep a roof over our head on one income

……the prison walls came tumbling down in ruin (that is why it is called a ‘truth bomb’)!

The bad news is that because I left it far too long, I needed more than to just open the doors to let myself out of prison.... the whole thing needed to tumble to the ground. 

You see, if you keep lying to yourself and don’t do what you really need to do, life will eventually push you over the edge - and not in a way that you are going to like. It will be disastrous (think relationship ruin, a health crisis, getting fired from a job etc.) oooooh, so much more catastrophic than if you had just let yourself out of prison in the first place.  

You can tell yourself the truth now and simply let yourself out of prison, or you can wait for life to force the change.

The good news is that despite the wreckage, I am still here. I didn't crash and I didn’t run like a damsel in distress into the arms of a man for security (although it was really interesting to feel those reptilian brain instincts inside me and have to settle them down with my logical brain - by the way I settled them down with truth too!).

How about you? What area of your life are you currently struggling with or feel caged inside?

If the prison bars were literally just the lies that you tell yourself and all you needed to make them disappear was to replace them with truth, what would those truths be?

I just let myself out of another prison of my own making. 

This time, I am happy to say that I didn’t wait until it got soooooooo bad that I had to create another breakdown to get to the breakthrough.

This one has to do with my business and the prison I had created for myself.

Before I tell you more, I want to give you time to process what I just shared.

Take an issue in your life, imagine that the issue is the cage and that the prison bars each represent an overt or little white lie that you tell yourself.

Write your insights down on paper to first tell yourself the truth.

Next, go find someone you love and confess the truth. 

Once you’ve told the truth, you can’t un-tell it to yourself or to others. 

Just like one lie requires more lies to keep things covered up, telling ourselves the truth reveals more truths that liberate!

I will be back soon with part 2 where I will share with you the most liberating recent truth I have admitted to myself and how it just gave birth to the Delish Diet Certified Practioner Program and the Delish Diet Group Coaching Program.

This time, I saw the bars for what they were and simply used the key of truth to open the prison door and walk out -  without having to blast everything down by making a big drama of my life.


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