My epiphany that birthed the Delish Diet Certification course.

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I recently had a major breakthrough. I had really been struggling in my business on an energetic level which led to financial windfalls and then nothing for months after because I would literally crash after each and every launch - being totally drained from the amount of energy it took to run them.

It is no wonder though how commonly this happens to sole proprietors. Marketers who work for corporations actually get paid for that kind of work, but solo entrepreneurs do everything it takes to run a business behind the scenes for free. They don't get paid by the hour, they get paid on results (sales). 

Logistically one can understand why this is such a huge drain, but in my case, it was a much more subtle and sneakier energy leak.

It was actually what I was selling and the way I was selling it that was draining me. Not because the strategies are wrong or don't work (they do work and that was part of the reason I kept using them), but because it was how I was offering my work that didn't satisfy or energize me.

Selling is hard for most people, even when they are selling something they love, nevermind selling something you don't really want to sell.

The breakthrough happened a few weeks after I started doing energy work on myself with The Healing Codes. Randomly one day after a few weeks of doing them, I simply FINALLY told myself a truth that I hadn't been able to admit to myself.

I don't love nutrition consulting.

I LOVE my program the Delish Diet, but I didn't love selling the products and services I offered (specifically private coaching and e-courses) as the vehicle for the program. I love coaching on the deep stuff, but I don't love consulting. I love teaching live, but I am less excited about pre-recording videos. I love getting my hands dirty in the kitchen with clients, but not lit up about accountability sessions. I prefer to work in groups instead of 1 on 1.

I simply don't want to work one on one with people offering informational support and accountability. I am tired of repeating myself to one person saying the same elementary concepts over and over. It's boring and draining to me now after being in the natural health industry for over 20 years. 

The only kind of private coaching packages I want to do are ones with people that are so committed to their results that they are willing to lay it all out on the line and invest in the royal hand-hold. They are willing to let me come to their home, get the garbage out of their kitchen, get the good stuff in and practice the Delish Diet way of life together (no excuses).

I am no longer willing to work with people privately who are not ready to go all in. When people don't go all in, they don't get the results. It is a waste of their money (which they can always make back and that's why they don't commit) but worse, it is a waste of my time ( I can never get the time and precious life energy I spent with them back). 

Now that doesn't mean that I still don't want to help people at different levels of engagement and commitment. I just don't want to give 'my all' to one person who is not reciprocating 'their all'.

It's not a healthy relationship and pretty much a lose-lose scenario.

I am currently writing the Delish Diet book and have 3 different online products that people can buy who are on a very limited budget, who prefer to start with baby steps or who are DIY'ers. 

That's all great and everythng, but something was still missing.

There was this whole group of people who were not getting served because I was focused on offering e-courses and private coaching packages.

They were missing out (and so was I on being able to share my work in the way I am best designed to)!

They are the ones that are not DIY'ers but at the same time they don't want or need the royal hand hold. 

I kept enrolling these people into e-courses or private packages, but they were not getting the best results because they are not inclined to watch the trainings provided and they only wanted the informational and accountability parts, not the hand-hold (knowing isn't doing, doing is knowing).

And so in our sessions together, there wasn't time to go deep because I spent the majority of the session educating rather than coaching them to breakthroughs or keeping them accountable.

My expectation is that my clients consume the content in-between our sessions and then come to the session with a list of questions and challenges so that through the coaching process we could take them deeper to the root cause of the problem or higher to their next level.

But since they require so much un-brainwashing from the diet mentality - (knowledge is the pre-cursor to experience) - we could never get to the level of deep work their transformation required. 

In their private sessions, I would end up putting in the same level of energy teaching one person what I would to a group of 20 or more. 

Super draining for me and probably very overwhelming for my clients!

I provided the content for them in the form of video trainings to watch or listen to in-between sessions, but they simply didn't consume it on their own.

They basically are not self motivated to learn by their lonesome.

This had been bugging me/stumping me for a while.

Until that is I finally admitted to myself that I don't want to offer these private coaching packages anyway!

I prefer to teach and when it comes to coaching, I am interested in the deep stuf and getting shit done, not in consulting on the ABC's of nutrition. 

And yet, on the other hand I am happy to teach both elementary and complex subjects and even do so repetitively class intake after class intake - in a school setting! 

So you see, it wasn't that I didn't love the work, it's just that I was doing it in the wrong container. 

The creator brought me from Winnipeg, MB to Kelowna, BC to discover this.

Before the Kelowna Branch of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition shut down, I was an instructor there for 4 years.

It never got boring, I didn't dread it and I always looked forward to it - any time of day or night.

The truth is that I am a natural born writer and teacher and that is how I prefer to spend my time the most.

I love creating curriculums, hand outs, writing articles and teaching - I especially love teaching others to the level that they can teach others too. 

Once I told myself this truth - that I was never going to love running my business as a small boutique coaching business, it became immediately  apparent that I needed my core offer to be a group coaching program in a virtual classroom setting.

Doing so solves every problem in my business and every struggle that I was having with my clients. 

And that is how the Delish Un-Diet School and Group Coaching Program was conceived (it is officially being birthed in January, but if you are interested you can join now and start working with the e-course content immediately to prevent putting on even more weight over the holidays!).

Here is how the group coaching program specifically solves what my private coaching clients were struggling with (this is not just my perspective, I ask my clients what is working for them and what is not working).

Here are their top 4 challenges... none of which can be solved by consulting or accountability sessions.

The 4 challenges that they've identified are:

1) Not putting the time aside to watch the trainings.
2) Not having community and people around them that have a high level of health consciousness.
3) Not being prepared with the right foods on hand and then going back to their default patterns. 
4) Emotional eating and sugar addiction. 

Here is how the group coaching program solves this….

1) Even though my clients have instant access to all of the e-courses (The Masterclass, The Cleanse and the Immersion), they get to join me live in an online virtual classroom where we can connect eye to eye, live and in real-time as I teach a series of core live trainings over 12 months. They get the high energy education that I am known for delivering - and they have a specially designated time to show up, so that they don't have to learn by their lonesome. I have essentially put the time aside for them, so that they are more motivated to show up (because others will be there too!) and they can get instant answers to their questions - as they come up. 

2) The group coaching program provides the opportunity to learn in community. They get to make new supportive friends and learn from other people's questions - ones they never thought to ask. They get daily contact and connection with myself, the Delish Diet Certified Practitioners and the other participants through the private Facebook group. Plus, they get to attend a 2 day 'Get Thin From Within' event here in Kelowna and bring a friend from home, so that the person closest to them can uplevel their health along with them.

3) I have created an entire food prep and planning system that is taught in a 3 hour virtual retreat (by the way, there are 4 quarterly retreats).

4) There is another virtual retreat called 'Sugar Rehab Lab' built with the sole focus of getting to the root causes of emotional eating and sugar addiction. It is a 4 step process that must be implemented in a very specific order.

While all of that is done in a group, at the same time, I still felt that some people would want or need some 1 on 1 connection around their process.

And I still didn't authentically feel that I wanted to be the person to provide that.

And that is how the Delish Diet Certified Practiitoner program was conceived....(it's literally being birthed on November 5th at 9:30am….get in the loop now to catch the EARLY BIRD savings). 

I know that there are a ton of amazing health coaches, holistic nutritionists, personal trainors, fitness instructors and counsellors that love working one on one with people and have zero desire to be teachers or write curriculums (signature systems). They just want to help people with nutrition.

I want to help them help people.

It is literally a match made in heaven.

Are you one of those people? 

I've got the curriculum, I teach the content, I have the hand-outs and coaching systems, you get to use them with our clients without having to re-invent the wheel.

You get to do the part you love - helping people working 1 on 1 with them.

I get to do what I love - writing and teaching - it is perfectly symbiotic.

You can work for the Delish Diet company or have your own virtual franchise with your own Delish Diet consulting practice.

Alternatively, you can be licensed to use Delish Diet materials under your own brand or label (so that you can put yourself out there as you, but you don't have to reinvent the wheel behind the scenes to properly educate and serve your clients).

You'll too have all the Delish Diet resources, coaching templates and business systems at your fingertips!

If this sounds like something you are interested in, click here to learn more!



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