Carbs - good, bad, ugly?

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Vegans say a high carb diet is good, the Keto people say low carb is best and the Carnivores say carbs are completely unnecessary (yes there is such thing as a carnivore diet!).

Who's right, who's wrong and how is the lay person who hasn't extensively studied nutrition supposed to know who's telling the truth and who isn't.

Well, it isn't really a matter of who's telling the truth or of anybody telling lies.

It is a matter of context.

The fact is that carbs exist in almost every food in our natural diet.

The creator wouldn't have put carbs in our natural diet: nuts, seed, vegetable and fruit if they were inherently bad for us.

However, 'something' has gone awry with our physiology due to the modern lifestyle that has made people intolerant to carbs - and that's what is making people tired, sick and fat.

That 'something' is called insulin resistance and it has to be addressed and healed if you are ever going to be able to eat carbs again without getting fat.

We need to stop associating the words 'insulin resistance' with being just about diabetes and realize that it is a spectrum associated with hypoglycaemia, obesity, metabolic disease - and all the symptoms in between.

Once you heal your insulin resistance - you'll be able to tolerate carbs again.

I am not on board with avoidance strategies - like never eating bread, dairy or potatoes again.

If you have to avoid carbs for the rest of your life to maintain your health or your weight, then you haven't actually truly healed yourself.

That is maintenance mode - much, much higher levels of healing and health are available to you - so why not go for that?!

You should be able to eat all natural whole foods, in moderation without gaining weight.

In the Delish UN-Diet School I am unpacking the Delish approach to carbs which is based on physiology, not fads or purist mentalities.

To understand the Delish strategic approach to consuming carbs, you need a systems perspective (you have to see the bigger picture).

I don't believe in telling people what they should do (and then just hoping they will follow along blindly), I believe in educating people so that they are equipped to decide for themselves and have the knowledge base that empowers them to make correct decisions.

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