The 3 diet formulas "they" insist you follow, that are doomed to fail.

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At the ripe old age of 36 I almost decided to settle on being obese for the rest of my life.

Why? Because I was sure that I was already doing everything right.

I thought if a health nut with two holistic nutrition certifications, who had been eating a natural whole foods lacto-veg diet since she was 20 years old could end up obese, well then there was no hope in hell for anyone.

I fell into victim mode, then futility and finally almost settled for staying overweight.

When I looked around me, I saw that most women were overweight by their mid 40's

I thought to myself maybe this is inevitable? Maybe I could just accept becoming a cute pudgy granny?

Looking back, I see this as an absurd justification, since I was only in my mid thirties!

Honestly though, age aside, I simply didn't know what to do.

I thought that all I had to do to be healthy and maintain my ideal weight, was to eat a whole foods vegetarian diet and viola my health and weight would be perfect.

But here I was, not just overweight, but obese on the very same diet that in my 20's liberated me from both extra weight - and my obsession with it - only to now become obese on it. WTF?

I had already 'been there and done that' with dieting in my teens and in my mind I was already 'doing everything right'. 

So what more could I do?

Yet "everything right" was going very wrong and I had no idea why.

I absolutely was not willing to count calories or go to the gym.


Because I knew that I couldn't and wouldn't want to stick to that forever (I mean duh, you have to keep doing what you did to lose the weight to keep it off).

Plus I knew the statistics, 97% of dieters fail, so why even bother?

It seemed hopeless.

On the other hand, I also knew that there were women in their 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond that, who managed to maintain their ideal weight, so it couldn't be impossible.

Eventually, I decided that while it may be common for people to become overweight as they age, it wasn't normal - so there must be a cause that I wasn't aware of.

These days being overweight has become normalized, kinda like PMS. So many women have it that we think it's normal - when the truth is that it's anything but normal - it's actually a symptom of a health imbalance.

If I was obese and my extra body fat was a symptom, then I had to ask myself, "what is my dis-ease'?

And that brings me to the missing piece of the puzzle.

There are many weight loss blocks (body system imbalances) that make it next to impossible to attain or maintain one's ideal weight.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't lose weight to get healthy, you have to get healthy to lose weight.

I thought that because I ate a whole foods vegetarian diet, that I was eating the healthiest diet possible. 

Now the part where I start ruffling some feathers.....

The problem is that the loudest voices (influencers) in health and weight loss are primarily younger folks without enough life experience to realize that what works for a 20 year old, does not necessarily work for a 40 year old - especially if that 40 year old is a woman who's had babies or is peri-menopausal. 

So let's take a look at those 3 diet formulas, "they" insist you follow, that are doomed to fail:

Doomed Diet Formula #1 - While everyone and their dog is going vegan these days and are 100% sure that meat, eggs and dairy products are to blame for people being sick and overweight, that just isn't true.

I used to be one of those people, so really, I get it.

It's easy to think that going vegetarian is the answer to all your health problems because at first you CAN get amazing health benefits and weight loss as the result of eating healthier, but let me tell you where those results come from:

  1. eating natural whole foods
  2. eating more cleansing fruits and vegetables

It has nothing to do with the absence of meat, eggs or dairy. 

If you eat a diet devoid of meat and eggs with minimal dairy for 13 years or more like I did (plus grew 2 babies on it), you are bound to come to the same conclusion I have. 

If it's not working anymore, something needs to change.

So, if becoming plant based isn't the answer, let's take a look at the other supposed solutions that just aren't.

Doomed Diet Formula #2 - Next we've got the 'diet' gurus who subscribe to the calorie theory like it's a religion - never to be questioned.

There are those muscle head fitness guru types screaming at us that it's all about calories and if only we would eat less and move more or fast till we fade......if only we weren't fat, lazy pigs, then we could be fit and healthy like them.

Never take advice from someone who doesn't understand the hormonal basis of obesity or hasn't ever been overweight themselves. 

They just don't get it and have no idea how to attain and maintain weight without obsessing about it and taking extreme measures that are unhealthy and not sustainable.

Doomed Diet Formula #3 - Finally, we've got the government and their so called health agencies, our educational institutions and the medical industry that tells us we should follow their food corporation infiltrated food guides that are damn near ass back wards.

When I followed their recommendations, I gained weight.

I've done all of it. I have starved myself on low calorie diets, I've fasted, done weight watchers, aerobics, gone vegan and every single one of those things works - temporarily and none of it works permanently.

Yip, the gurus have got it wrong.

Here's the truth. Conventional diets based on the calorie theory of weight loss are designed to get quick results to hook you in and keep you coming back for more.

When you can't deprive yourself any longer, you end up quitting the diet and feasting on a slower metabolism than you started with (caused by the diet itself). All of which causes you to gain more weight than you started with, and thus back on another diet. Ugh, stop doing this!!!

The only diet you need is the natural diet of the human species eaten in the proper ratios, timing and cycles.

How did I figure this out?

Ironically I discovered it by plugging every detail of what I ate into fitness pal.

Whenever I ate the way fitness pal prescribed as per the 'food guide', I would gain weight. 

And so I began a year of studying the physiological imbalances that underly weight loss resistance, coupled with a study of the macronutrients and their impact on hormones. 

I wasn't willing to go on a diet, so instead I did an experiment of one.

That experiment led to dropping 12 dress sizes without dieting, counting calories, exercising or giving up pleasure in food. 

It required me to stop doing what the gurus told me to do and instead experiment and find out what works through trial and error.

What works for 1 person, doesn't always work for the next, nor for the same person all of the time.

We have to recognize when something isn't working anymore - that we have to do something different.

We also have to acknowledge that our extra body fat is just a symptom of a deeper cause and get to the root of our health imbalances.

Most importantly, we have to stop running to experts to save us - and instead take our health and weight into our own hands.

That's essentially what I did.

My inspiration for doing this work is to share my experience to help you assume responsibility for your own health and weight.

I am here not as a guru, but as a guide.

I have been in your shoes and know from personal experience how hard it is to lose weight.

With many years behind me specializing in gut health, I also know how to be a food detective to pinpoint what works and doesn't at the individual level.

But here's the thing.

To get results you have to put your own skin in the game, create a plan that inspires you and meets your unique needs - not blindly follow a method.

You need to get educated about how your body works and how food helps or hinders your health and weight. 

Once you understand this at a deep, but practical level, you know exactly how to create and implement your own plan.

The best health and weight loss plan is the one you create.

And that's what inspired me to create the Delish UN- Diet School.

It is all about education, self reliance and taking your health into your own hands.

When you do this, weight loss is a good side effect.

Best of all, when you adopt new positive values, habits and permanent lifestyle changes, you are paving a path forward for a future of good health.

So while yes, I want to see you reach your weight loss goals, more importantly, my desire is for you to live a long, healthy and happy life! 

You become the expert on your own body by studying it.

Begin by studying physiology and the hormonal basis of obesity, next embody that knowledge by experimenting on yourself until you have the personal experience needed to inform you of what works best for you and your body and what doesn't.

To help you do that I have a DIY e-course called the Delish UN-Diet School.

You can check it out here: 

This course is for you, if you would like my guidance to create your own plan to lose weight naturally without dieting. It will assist you to take your power to heal yourself back into your own hands through education, intuition and self discovery!

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