Diet books I actually recommend.

weight loss books

There are very few diet books that I can recommend because few are based in wisdom or the natural diet of the human species.

The knowledge you need is out there, but you need to learn from people who put your health first.

Here are my top 5 favourite books that will get you pointed in the right direction so that you can create your own weight loss plan based on the hormonal basis of obesity and weight loss physiology.

1. The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel

2. The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor

3. The Obesity Code by Jason Fung

4. The Skinny Gut Diet by Brenda Watson

5. Lose Weight Without Dieting by Yours Truly (this is the first in a series of short books I am writing on natural weight loss) 

If you are not a big reader or don't have the time to study those books, I have a 12 day program with trainings under 30 mins that distills down all the most important things you need to know to get straight to the actions steps - without spending countless hours reading and taking notes.

It's a DIY e-course called the Delish UN-Diet School: 

This course is for you, if you would like my guidance to create your own plan to lose weight naturally without dieting. It will assist you to take your power to heal yourself back into your own hands through education, intuition and self discovery!

If you prefer to learn more first, then grab this FREE Diet Myths Guide: 


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